Why Do Businesses Need to Implement Team Building?


A team of employees working together is needed to achieve goals and grow the company. Here’s how to bring your staff together through team building.

When do you need team building?

A team building event will be useful if:

  • intrinsic motivation has been detected: people are bored, sitting out the time at work, and do not show initiative; 
  • employees are working under increased stress or with a large number of routine tasks – a discharge is needed to prevent emotional burnout; 
  • the structure of the organization is changing, and with it, the patterns of interaction between employees; 
  • permanent conflicts based on a lack of mutual understanding are detected. For example, one department constantly shifts responsibility to the other;
  • when a new team is assembled, newcomers don’t know each other well and therefore do not trust each other, making it difficult to perform tasks quickly and effectively.   

What is team building?

The type of team building event depends on the goals set by the customer – the business owner or the head of the company, the department.

Examples of formats:

  • Thematic quest, role-playing game. Example: the team is virtually transported into a historical era and is tasked to storm the castle or take part in the quest, where it is necessary to escape from prison, solve the crime, find and neutralize the bomb within a limited time, using the tips.
  • Intellectual. The event involves solving problems with ingenuity and resourcefulness. Examples: chess tournament, “Mafia”, Alias, Uno. 
  • Strategy session, communicating goals and innovations. A team building session where employees discuss organizational changes that will improve the business and their work environment. It is done to reduce resistance to change and to remove internal objections. A strategy session develops goals for the long term and discusses how to achieve them. 
  • Sports activity. Examples: paintball, laser tag, relay races, orienteering. Exercises help to develop the habit of doing sports, consider each team member’s capabilities and give them a chance to prove themselves. 
  • Psychological communication training. Employees learn empathy and negotiation skills, practice typical interaction scenarios, receive and give feedback. Many insights received at such activities are universal: they can be used outside the office in communication with relatives and friends. 
  • Creative task. Participants have the opportunity to unleash their creative potential. Examples: staging a play, filming a movie based on a joint script (amateur, on a camera or smartphone), dancing together, painting, and cooking. One of the modifications of creative team building is art therapy, like sand painting.  
  • Exoticism. Example: a quest in the dark or blindfolded, a trip to pick grapes. The purpose is to break patterns, help form new positive models of interaction, look at colleagues from a different angle, and help people open up. 
  • Inter-corporate team building. Type of event organized with the participation of clients and partners. Objectives: to get acquainted with clients in an informal atmosphere, establish productive cooperation, develop long-term partnerships, and increase loyalty. Not suitable for everyone can not be realized in every company.

What goals can be achieved with the help of team building?

Just as management training in Melbourne, team building is needed to develop the ability to work as a team. Participants of the event also train in business communication skills, planning, leadership, taking responsibility, generating and formulating ideas, and resolving conflicts.

Teambuilding allows team members to get to know each other better and learn to build trust-based relationships. Properly chosen exercises help remove psychological barriers that may arise due to erroneous judgments about others and their behavior.

The right atmosphere of a teambuilding event energizes the participants, increases their inner motivation to work, and forms a positive outlook on what seems complex or problematic. People feel the support of their colleagues and believe that together they will overcome obstacles. If they can do it during the exercise, they can do it when they return to work.


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