Best 4 Queen Tribute Bands from the UK


Tribute bands have been around since the early days of rock music, and Freddie Mercury founded the popular Queen rock band in 1970 in England. Can you remember the famous song written by Brian May, ‘We Will Rock You, which became an anthem in many sporting events?

What does a tribute band do? The answer to this question is simple; a tribute band typically tries to recreate the sounds and vibes of legendary musicians in their songs. There are many Queen tribute acts across England, especially in London. While some Queen tribute acts are great, if you want to hire the best Queen tribute act, then Gary as Freddie Mercury is the answer. Gary, as Freddie professionally, can recreate the 1970s Freddie Mercury. But there are still plenty out there doing a fantastic job within your budget – here are four that we think you should check out.

List of The Best Four Queen Tribute Bands in the UK:

Here are the best four queen tribute bands you can hire for your upcoming event.

  1. Gary as Freddie Mercury
  2. Ultimate Freddie
  3. Almost Freddie
  4. Freddie The Showman

The Top Four Queen Tribute Bands of London That Rocked Europe 

Gary as Freddie Mercury:

The winner of the British television talent show Stars in their eyes, Gary Mullen, is widespread throughout Europe. He is a true Queen fan and loves singing along to some of their greatest hits. He has performed many shows across Europe since finding fame in 2000. His One Night of Queen is undoubtedly one of his most famous performances.

Gary performs every single song live, including Another One, Bites The Dust, Hammer To Fall, I Want To Break Free, Love of My Life, We Will Rock You, Under Pressure, Bohemian Rhapsody, and many other popular songs from Freddie Mercury.

Gary has a long experience performing as a Queen tribute in small intimate venues to large stadium performances. People will enjoy his high-energy rock show who are the super fans of the British Queen band.

For only ₤625+, anyone can hire Gary to perform in their upcoming event. His band is so much popular as the best Queen tribute band across Europe.

Ultimate Freddie:

The Ultimate Freddie will become Freddie Mercury when you hire Joey Linden for your next event only for ₤600. If you ask what is the second best Queen tribute band in England, there is no option to choose than the Ultimate Freddie.

Joey Linden, the vocal, I mean ultimately he will be the Freddie Mercury during the show, is well trained in musical theaters and has experience in Opera and dance. His years of experience enable him to make the audience sing along with his stage performance, and definitely, people will shout for more.

The Ultimate Freddie has been performing since 2012, and this band has played over 200 shows across Europe. In addition to playing as a Queen tribute band, Ultimate Freddie also performs solo and covers songs by artists such as David Bowie, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Sting, and more.

Almost Freddie:

Yes, this is Almost Freddie, and it is the most famous and brilliant Queen tribute band in the UK. Across Europe, this Freddie Mercury impersonator has performed at many big events and entertained audiences for many years with their excellent performances.

Almost Freddie is the only Queen tribute band in London that can truly bring you back to the early ’80s and make you feel like Freddie Mercury is on stage with them. The entire band does a fantastic job of recreating Queen’s music, from Freddie’s vocals to Brian May’s guitar riffs, but the real winner here is the drummer. This guy is so good at recreating those iconic drum parts that he should be called “Almost Roger Taylor.”

Your audiences will rock with ‘We Will Rock You, ‘Radio Ga Ga,’ ‘I Want To Break Free and many other most popular songs from the original British Queen band. The facial-physical likeliness and Freddie Mercury-like movement will remind you of the 1970s Queen rock band. This sensational tribute show will amaze your audience without any questions. That’s our experience of hiring this band last year.

Are you in a hurry to hire such a band under ₤600 (It’s so much more affordable than hiring any other Queen tribute bands across Europe!) You can check their current deals, prices, and conditions from UK Live Entertainment.

Fp0ven now, are you still searching for the best Queen tribute band in London, which is much more affordable and can rock the audience with joy and amusement with the absolute feel of the original Queen rock act of the 80s? Then, Freddie, The Showman is the only tribute act that exists in Europe without any doubt.

The voice, stage performance, music, vibe, and costume of the singer will definitely take you to the past awesome days of the Queen band. This highly successful solo singer performed across the UK well and has been rocking London for many years.

Last year I had the chance to present at their live performance in London. The guys in Freddie The Showman band from UK Live Entertainment were just so committed to their performance. They sounded exactly like the renowned English Queen band and did some excellent and cool stuff with lighting —it was really a precious experience to watch and enjoy their live performance!

If you ask from my personal experience, I would definitely recommend this Queen tribute if you’re looking for something different and exciting. They will just blow your mind, I promise!

Choosing the best four Queen tribute bands from the UK alone was not an easy task if you are considering the price and quality. I had to speak to multiple websites, fans, band members, and other sources to see which bands were the best. I also added my personal experience here, and the final result spoke for the above-reviewed bands. All these four have earned stellar reviews from those who have seen them in concert in the past. So if you’re looking for a good time, bring a date and check one of these bands out soon.


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