Why Physical Medicine Is Vital For Your Overall Health


Imagine how life can become more complex if your musculoskeletal system is completely damaged. Your skeletal system is vital since it enables you to do your everyday tasks. Similarly, it acts as a supporting pillar for the rest of your body parts and hinders your functionality if affected. However, a physical medicine specialist Monroe Township will get you multidisciplinary care to get you back on your feet. In a nutshell – physical medicine will help prevent, diagnose and treat any disabling disease, disorder, and injuries for future health safety. Although many confuse physical medicine and therapy, here is what there is to know about the treatment.

Understanding physical medicine

Also known as physiatry, it is a specialized form of care that includes rehabilitation and a comprehensive approach to helping regain your body’s functionality. This medical care incorporates a multidisciplinary approach with several healthcare providers who helps restore the normal functioning of your body after an injury or accident. It also works when you are suffering from medical conditions affecting your body and your musculoskeletal system.

The procedure combines physical therapy with pain management techniques to reduce chronic pain and regain your body’s functionality. Processes like manual chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and physical therapy will help your body heal fast. The treatment does not only help relieve chronic pain but also regains your usual functionality.

Why physical medicine is for you

The treatment can help several conditions, including injuries and chronic medical conditions. Furthermore, it is also effective after a surgical procedure to help regain mobility quickly. Physical medicine isn’t just for musculoskeletal problems since it’s instrumental in boosting a quick recovery in the following conditions.

  •   Sciatica
  •   Sport injuries
  •   Arthritis
  •   Neck pain
  •   Herniated disc

Treating after-work injuries can be difficult, but physical medicine will treat and rebuild your strength and mobility in case of any injuries. Nevertheless, each condition and injury are different, and physical medicine has several care plans specifically tailored for you.

What to expect

Your treatment is customized according to your injury or disease level and degree. A specialist will perform a detailed physical exam and highlight any previous history of such conditions. In addition, your level of mobility will be evaluated then your doctor will form a treatment plan to achieve specific goals. The goals might be decreasing pain levels, increasing mobility, or boosting your functionality.

Besides using physical therapy to regain body control, physical medicine combined with the following approach works better.

  •   Ultrasound therapy
  •   Pain medications
  •   Therapeutic exercise
  •   Soft tissue and joint injections

With heat and cold therapy and pain medications, you will quickly get through your treatment sessions and regain your stability with time.

Considering the dangers posed by a musculoskeletal problem or other related diseases, you have every reason to opt for physical medicine. Although the treatment plan isn’t always easy, keeping up with the program will put you back on track within a few sessions.

At the University Pain Medicine Center, a dedicated specialist team will eliminate any pain limiting your productivity. With state-of-the-art care and specialized treatments, any form of chronic or acute pain will be stabilized. To further understand physical medicine and how it comes in handy for your pain, contact our offices in New Jersey, Murray Hill, and New York City today!


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