Dog Treadmill

Dog Treadmill

We all know about treadmills, but do you have any idea about the dog treadmill ? Surely you do not. So let us walk you through it. A dog needs daily walking, and sometimes it is extremely difficult to do so because of the weather conditions and busy routine; therefore, you will be in search of solutions that will ease your job. A dog treadmill allows you to train your pet in the house, especially in unfavorable weather conditions.

Dog treadmill a beneficial idea or not

If you want your dog to be involved in indoor exercises, then a treadmill is the perfect tool to help you do so. In fact, you can use it anytime, anywhere, around the clock, for the whole year to keep your dog in perfect shape and to warm it up. In fact, many dog owners have experimented with human treadmills, too, and the results were satisfying.

Dog treadmill a beneficial idea or not

Different types of dog treadmills

Although there are different types of dog treadmills available in the market. Below we have only mentioned a few names for your knowledge:

  • Electric treadmills
  • Dog powered treadmills
  • Hydrotherapy treadmills

Using a human treadmill for dogs is a good idea or not

Although the human treadmill also resembles the dog treadmill, there are certain precautions that you must pay attention to. These treadmills cannot house much weight; therefore, we can say that they are not a good option for dogs of large size. If we talk about dogs of smaller sizes and breeds, then they can be trained on human treadmills. One of the major drawbacks of the human treadmill is the shortened deck, which will surely shorten the gait of the dogs.

Teaching the dogs for a treadmill walk

The dogs can be easily trained to walk on the treadmill. Electric treadmills are perfect solutions. No matter the type of treadmill you use, you can easily teach your dog to walk on it. Also, you must pay heed to the fact that under no circumstance the dog stays alone on the treadmill. This might prove to be fatal. The pet should be kept under constant supervision and monitoring by a person.

Differentiating between the treadmills

As we have already discussed two different types of treadmills, including the human treadmill and the dog treadmill. Now it is time that we pursue the difference between these treadmills. There are several differences that will gather your attention, so we have mentioned them below:

1.     Short track

Humans have a comparatively shorter gait. Thus the treadmills that are designed for human use have a track surface that is quite shorter than the ones that are designed for dogs.

2.     Less width

The dog treadmills have a huge width that allows the dogs to float and trot on the treadmill while enjoying a run. Whereas on the other hand, human treadmills have a comparatively narrow area that will restrict movements.

3.     The space factor

The treadmills that are designed for dogs are built in such a manner that there is no space left between the belt and the side rails to ensure that there is no mishappening in which the paws of the dog get stuck in the treadmill.

An overview of the exercise for the dogs

If you own a dog, it is of the utmost importance that you are well aware of how long you should make your dog exercise. If we talk about the figures shared by the expert veterinarians, then we will learn that every dog should train for at least 30 minutes and the maximum limit is 2 hours. The details suggest that the exercise period should contain a 30-minute of rigorous workout. Later a moderate workout can be stretched from 1 to two hours.

The dog nails impacting the treadmill

It is important that you are aware of the fact that the nails of the dogs can have a huge impact on the treadmills. Especially if the dogs are running on the human treadmill, then the belt can be destroyed quite easily. Therefore, you should go for the dog treadmill to avoid such consequences.

The duration of the dog treadmill

The duration for the dog to exercise on the treadmill differs because there are several variables involved in this scenario. Thus if we go through the details, then we will learn that dogs require verbal encouragement during exercise. The treadmill’s speed should be increased gradually to allow the dogs to get a satisfactory gait. According to the general assumptions, the dogs should use the treadmill for 5 to 20 minutes daily.

The trainers using the treadmill

The dog trainers are making use of the treadmills now. This gives rise to the question that why it is so. Thus, if we go through the details, we will come to know that the trainers use it to ensure obedience training. If you also want to get these results, then it is advised that you get your dog up and running on the treadmill for 10 minutes, and then you will find it ready to comply with the obedience training.

The trainers using the treadmill

The drawbacks of not walking your dog

The major reason behind the use of the dog treadmill is to walk your dogs. If you are not offering the dogs enough playtime, they will witness them becoming anxious and destructive in nature. This might not be the desired outcome of a dog owner. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you pay attention to the dog’s daily walks to avoid such circumstances.

Getting a look at the major benefits of the dog treadmills

Dog treadmills have several benefits that you should pay attention to. Below we have mentioned them for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • You can exercise your dog during the weather extremities.
  • The treadmills help you in reducing the weight of the dogs.
  • The perfect warm-up or cool-down option for dogs who are experiencing intense workouts and exercise sessions.
  • Treadmills allow you to analyze the gait of your dog.
  • The dogs who underwent surgery and need rehabilitation can be passed through the treadmill test for perfect results.

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The word of the wise

Dog Treadmill have several benefits, but they also require you to operate them cautiously. So you should pay attention to all the details mentioned above to understand that what are the scenarios that need your expertise. This way, you can produce beneficial results.


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