Basic Programs for Windows 10


A computer only becomes a full-fledged working tool when its owner installs a software package. The OS already has built-in applications, but not all of them can meet the user’s needs. Today we will consider the most useful programs for the operating system Windows 10, without which it is impossible to do. All of them can be downloaded on a Pirate proxy.

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge, Windows 10’s browser, seems to be one of the best programs developed by Microsoft in recent times. Unfortunately, development took so long that Google Chrome was left out of the competition.

Today, Google Chrome is an important and indispensable program because of the large number of bookmarks I save, but above all, because of the many extensions that are used daily, most of which are not available in the new Windows 10 web browser. If you do not have a preference in this regard, it is without a doubt recommended to use Microsoft Edge because the advantages are many compared to other browsers, although you will have to deal with its disadvantages daily.

Office Suite

Since, for many people, the computer is the device that helps them work, it is not unreasonable to install a package of office applications. These include a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software, and other useful utilities. Fortunately, the Microsoft Office package is already installed on the computer. However, after turning on Windows 10 for the first time, the owner of the device is surprised to find that to continue using it, you need to pay a subscription.

If there is no way to spend money on the official package, there are two ways out of this situation:

  • Use the free version of Microsoft Office, available on the company’s website (works only in online mode);
  • Install an alternative package.

Google Docs, WPS Office, SoftMaker FreeOffice, and other similar services are recommended as alternatives. Before installing, check the terms of the user agreement posted on the website of each specific project.


It may seem odd that an app like Netflix, but it is something that those of us who spend all day in front of a computer usually need some kind of entertainment. Most of the time, Netflix is needed to watch certain content on a second screen while working. More often than not, this service is watched for pleasure. Netflix is an indispensable app for everyday use outside of work and for watching the best shows and movies. Of course, keep in mind that it is not a free app, but it is worth paying for it because it will give you access to a wide variety of content.


Listening to music on Windows 10 is a real pleasure for almost everyone, thanks to Spotify, which offers us a huge amount of music for free and through its own Windows 10 app. Transferring music to mobile devices is already more difficult, and to get the most out of Spotify, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription. If you don’t want to pay, the solution will be to listen to ads from time to time.


Windows 10, like most operating systems on the market, has a video player. Unfortunately, these players are usually incomplete, and in many cases, they force us to download a second utility to play certain content. VLC can be the primary video player.


We usually store a huge amount of data, images, and important documents on our computer’s hard drive, the loss of which can put us in a difficult situation. For this reason, many users back up to an external hard drive and store it in a safe place. The cloud helps keep all important data from being lost, with data that is freely accessible at all times. The information is securely protected.


This is a very simple program that allows us to open programs, documents, folders, or bookmarks without taking our fingers off the keyboard. If you have never tried Launchy, download it now to see its unique features and benefits. The program allows you to launch applications for Windows and Linux quickly, and since version 2.5 is also for Mac OS X.


The main utility of TextExpander is to expand the text to keep from writing certain words or expressions that are used quite often by the author. TextExpander, as well as Phrase Express, are paid utilities. Instead, they offer us some interesting features. The program allows you to automate the process of entering the same phrases, sentences, or pieces of code to make your work more interesting and productive.

PC Cleaning

Mandatory PC tools include junk cleaning programs. They will allow you to get rid of unnecessary files and applications. Among the existing utilities, the following are worth mentioning:

  • CCleaner;
  • Clean Master;
  • EasyCleaner

The programs are not a copy of each other and are very different. Therefore, it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with the features of each utility and then download the application you like.

Other Useful Programs

We have already looked at paid and free programs that every computer owner needs. At the same time, there are applications for laptop or desktop PC, which are not required by all people, but still can be useful for some users:

  • Seer Pro – MacOS computer personalization;
  • AIDA64 – all the information about your PC;
  • Dropbox – official cloud service application;
  • MyPhoneExplorer – a program for wireless PC and smartphone synchronization;
  • WhatsApp Desktop – the official client of the popular messenger on Windows 10;
  • Me VPN – a program that changes the IP address to visit blocked resources on the Internet.

Of course, this is not the entire list of applications that can come in handy when interacting with your computer. But it is simply impossible to install all the programs at once. The choice of specific utilities will depend on the user’s preferences, and therefore at the beginning, a basic set is enough.


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