Selling a House in Savannah, MO: A Step-by-Step Guide


If you’re planning on selling your house in Savannah, Missouri, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the process. From preparing your home for sale to negotiating with buyers, there are several key steps you’ll need to take to successfully sell your home. In this guide, we’ll cover the steps you need to take to successfully sell your house in Savannah, MO.

Determine Your Home’s Value

Before you can list your home for sale, it’s important to know what it’s worth. There are several factors that can impact the value of your home, including location, size, age, and condition.

To determine the value of your home, you can start by looking at comparable properties in your area. Look for homes that are similar in size, age, and location to yours, and take note of their list prices. This will give you an idea of what other homes in your area are selling for and can help you determine a reasonable list price for your own home.

You can also get a professional valuation of your home. A real estate agent or a professional appraiser can assess your home and provide you with an accurate value. This can be especially helpful if you’re not sure how to determine the value of your home on your own.

Prepare Your Home for Sale

Once you have a good idea of the value of your home, it’s time to start preparing it for sale. This means taking care of any necessary repairs, cleaning and decluttering, and making your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

Here are a few things you can do to prepare your home for sale:

  • Make necessary repairs: If your home has any issues, such as a leaky roof or outdated electrical wiring, it’s important to address these problems before listing your home for sale. Not only will this make your home more attractive to buyers, but it can also help you avoid any potential complications during the sales process.
  • Clean and declutter: A clean and clutter-free home is more appealing to buyers, so take the time to tidy up and remove any unnecessary items from your home. This includes things like personal photographs, excess furniture, and other clutter.
  • Make cosmetic updates: While major renovations can be costly and time-consuming, making small cosmetic updates can go a long way in improving the appeal of your home. This could include things like painting walls, updating light fixtures, or adding new flooring.

Choose a Real Estate Agent

If you’re not comfortable handling the sales process on your own, you may want to consider hiring a real estate agent. A real estate agent can help you navigate the process of selling a home, including listing your home, marketing it to potential buyers, and negotiating offers.

When choosing a real estate agent, it’s important to look for someone who is knowledgeable about the local market and has a proven track record of successfully selling homes. You should also consider their fees and make sure you understand any costs associated with hiring an agent.

Set a Listing Price

Once you’ve prepared your home for sale and chosen a real estate agent, it’s time to set a listing price. As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to consider the value of your home and comparable properties in your area when determining a listing price. You should also consider the condition of your home and any recent updates or renovations you’ve made.

Your real estate agent can also help you determine a listing price by providing you with market analysis and comparable sales data.

Market Your Home

Now that your house is ready and priced, it’s time to market it to potential buyers. Your real estate agent can help you with this step by creating a marketing plan, listing your home on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and other online listing sites, and advertising it in local newspapers and other media outlets.

Show Your Home

Once your home is listed, it’s time to start showing it to buyers. Your real estate agent will arrange showings and open houses and will be present to answer any questions potential buyers may have.

Receive and Negotiate Offers

Once the showings start, you will likely start to receive offers from interested buyers. Your real estate agent can help you review and negotiate offers so that you get the best price for your home.

Close the Sale

Once you’ve accepted an offer, it’s time to close the sale. Your real estate agent will help with this process as well, and will make sure that all of the paperwork is completed correctly and that all other closing tasks are taken care of.


Selling a home in Savannah, MO can be a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible and that you get the best price for your home.


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