Rules of Making Free Love Tarot Card Reading


Questions about relationship will always be at the top of the list of areas that people are usually interested in. And this is not surprising, because human is a social being. The soul requires love, friendship and understanding from the side. Free love Tarot reading spreads will help you find out whether you have made the right choice in loving affairs.

Key features of love Tarot spread free

In general, such readings are best used to view the situation with a specific person. Moreover, the matter will not always be about love and romance. Even if he or she doesn’t reciprocate, the  free love Tarot reading will show true intentions to the questioner. 

However, of course, the main request for the Tarot spread for a relationship is love and everything connected with it. Parent-child relationships also fall under this category. The emphasis here is always on the heart, the world of feelings, sympathies and antipathies. And this, as you know, is a very shaky and easily changing “substance”. Therefore, a person should think everything they find out while reading over with deep consideration. 

Free Tarot reading love: formulating questions

To begin with, it is worth deciding on your request. The person must first understand his passion, be imbued with feelings. It is very important to be concentrated while asking, as you can simply make a mistake during reading, thereby putting an end to the positive prospect of relations. Yes, the cards have the power to help decide on a model of behavior, to rethink your romantic situation. But it is always better to live in reality and get real experience than to hide from decision-making behind cards. 

You can ask free love Tarot reading spreads anything you are interested in, but in detail  (tell the name, imagine the picture of your loved one):

  • Is this union available in future?
  • What problems make our relationship suffer?
  • Am I a soulmate of my partner? 

If the questioner intends to work on himself/herself, strengthen the union, then you can safely make free love Tarot spreads. After all, everything is in the hands of the perso. Sometimes, the most negative and unpromising situations can be changed in a cardinal way. It is only necessary to find that very key to your partner. At the same time, no questions can be asked if you are alone. You just need to concentrate on the hidden person, vividly drawing the dreamy image in your head.

What is the best time to make free love Tarot reading?

The first and most important condition is your mood. Any fluctuations in human energy can affect the final result of free love Tarot reading spreads. Therefore, you can’t interact with cards in a bad mood, after difficult events, or, conversely, too joyful. The Arcana can simply reflect the mood, dreams and fears of the individual. They will show all expectations, secret hopes. And the fortuneteller himself will accept this information as a forecast for the future and a guide to action. 

The second condition is the ability to be uninterested in the result. Sometimes, the free Tarot reading love can make people hope too much for  their relationship. Here it is worth being able to face the truth and not try to distort the received answer to fit your ideas.


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