The Impact Jewelry Can Have on Your Health


Have you ever broken out in a rash after wearing your favorite piece of jewelry? Or had your ears irritated by your longtime favorite pair of earrings?

Various metals and jewelry have been known to cause allergies and create irritation for the wearer, but did you know that jewelry can offer many health benefits as well? This article will discuss how the right metal can have a positive impact on your health.

Metals to be Avoided

Many of us are not fully aware of the many substances we place in and on our bodies, and the fact that many of them contain metal. From jewelry, tattoo ink, and cell phones to eyeglass frames, clothing hardware, and various cosmetics, metal is nearly always close to our body.

Many of these items can have negative effects for the person who has sensitive skin. Such contact can sometimes result in an allergic skin reaction, known as allergic dermatitis. 

The culprit in many of these dermatitis events can be nickel, cobalt, or chromates. Although these are among the main enemies, you may actually develop an allergy to any metal over time, sometimes just due to repeated exposures to that metal.

A favorite pair of earrings may steadily cause irritation to your skin, and make them uncomfortable to wear. A belt may rub against the stomach, resulting in a rash.

Certain cosmetics may cause your skin to become inflamed and break out in a painful rash. Sometimes the culprits are hidden and we would never suspect them, but continual wearing or use can have negative consequences, causing you to have to avoid your once-favorite products and accessories. 

Healthy Metals 

Due to the negative effects that some metals have on the skin, it’s always worthwhile to invest in high-quality jewelry, accessories, clothing, and cosmetics. The best, highest quality of materials that you ought to favor when making purchases include sterling silver, platinum, yellow gold, copper, and stainless steel. 

By purchasing these better-quality metals, you will not only own a beautiful piece, you’ll also have a long-sustaining item that will last for years to come. This is why engagement rings for $15k are such a valuable investment, because they have a positive effect on the wearer with their high-quality material, and may be passed down for years to come. 

Silver. Some of these metals also have positive impacts on the body. For example, silver has anti-microbial qualities and acts as a sterilant. Some companies even interlace silver into their fabrics to aid in cleaning, while other firms create colloidal silver supplements that are believed to aid in combating bacteria and viruses. 

Gold. Gold is also supposed to assist blood circulation and healing. Perhaps this is why it is said to have a positive effect for arthritic patients. One study even noted that gold, when eaten, had a positive impact on cognitive health, with potential positive effects on both depression and migraines. 

Copper. This metal is great for helping the body to produce red blood cells. According to WebMD, copper can help to keep nerves healthy, support your immune system, assist in the formation of collagen, absorb iron into your body, and turn sugar into energy. You actually need a larger amount of copper as you age, because it helps control osteoporosis and anemia. 


By choosing to avoid cheap metals, and making an investment in high-quality metals and materials, you will have an impact on more than you realize. Your health can be improved or supported when you apply the right metals.

Always look at investing in good-quality materials and metals when you make purchases. The above metals can aid in cleaning and sterilizing, blood circulation and arthritis, and defense against osteoporosis and anemia, resulting in a happier and healthier life.


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