Australian Sports Culture: What You Need to Know


Australia is a place that feels pretty similar to the United States, but take a closer look, and you’ll see that there are some significant differences. One of the most distinct differences is the Australian approach to sport. Like Americans, Australians are fanatical about sports. But the sports that they cherish and how they enjoy those sports is uniquely Australian. If you’re planning a trip to Australia and need the essential info about their sporting culture, then read on.

Major Sports

None of the major American sports are popular in Australia. The only American sport that makes it into the list of most popular sports in Australia is basketball, and even that is towards the bottom, at number nine. So if Aussies aren’t playing and watching basketball, baseball, ice hockey, and football, what sports are they interested in?

The most popular Australian sport is Australian Rules Football, which is kind of like the NFL, but with much more kicking. Cricket and soccer are also highly popular sports in the Land Down Under. Some of the world’s biggest sporting events, including the Australian Open (tennis) and the Melbourne Cup (horse racing), take place in Oz.

General Culture

Gameday is the main event in Australia, just like it is everywhere else. But in the Land Down Under, the sports madness isn’t limited to matchday; it’s a full-time passion. Aussie sports lovers will typically spend the build-up to game day making plans, betting on the outcome, and excitedly discussing the game with their friends and family. The same happens once the match is finished, too, when people gather to celebrate or commiserate together.

The Gameday Experience

If you’re planning a trip to Australia, then it’s well worth seeing what major sporting events are taking place during your visit. The matchday culture over there is similar to what you’ll find at college football games, just with more barbecues. Typically, gameday is a whole day affair, one that begins in the morning and continues long after the action on the pitch has finished. Aussie fans are known for being passionate around, so don’t be surprised to witness something that resembles a full-day party during your trip, especially if the home team wins.


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