How to Clean Your Central Air Conditioner In Five Easy Steps


It is essential to know how to clean your air conditioner filter as it is a major part of your regular AC maintenance routine. This step determines whether your HVAC system is functioning properly or not. Here, we will be exploring all the aspects of cleaning the filter. That includes the steps required as well as how regularly you should be doing this.

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The Right Way To Clean Your Air Conditioner: The Basics

Let us tell you one significant factor: not all air conditioner filters can be cleaned. First, check if your filter has a cardboard frame or comprises any sort of written indication of non-serviceability. 

If yes then all you have to do is get yourself in the hardware store and find the perfect size for the air filters. If you are not sure about the filter then bring along your previous, used, or old filter so you can compare, and save your precious time and energy.

The most common question is why one should be cleaning the air conditioner filter. Let’s find out below:

Why Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter?

In simpler words, air conditioners flow or circulate the air throughout your household. They depend on filters to trap dust, dirt, and debris too. If the filters do not function properly then it means they are clogged. That’s where the air conditioner has to put in a lot more effort to pump air. This particular action triggers the usage of more electricity and decreases the air conditioner’s lifespan. Not to mention, it decreases the home’s air quality as well. 

The next question that bumps into the mind is how often should one clean the air conditioner filter. To find out the answer, scroll down:

When Should I Clean My Air Conditioner Filter?

Well, it is not a big task or something that you only do once a year. According to experts, filters should be cleaned at least twice a year. So, the answer to how often I should clean my air conditioner filter is quite simple (Three Words)-Twice a year. 

Well, cleaning the filter is not something that you should miss out on. It can mean two things, cleaning it thoroughly or entirely replacing it (every month). If you are a resident of an area that has a higher pollution rate or even if you indulge yourself in a dusty hobby such as woodworking then you might have to do it more frequently than others.

It is not solid rocket science as you can simply take a look and let your eyes be the judge of a call to action. If the filters are clogged with tons of dust layers on them then replacing them is a good option otherwise simply clean them after the monthly inspections.

How to Clean A Central Air Conditioner Filter?

Now, you have learned the basics about when and why you should clean the air conditioner. Discover the steps on how to clean a central air conditioner filter like a pro in five easy steps:

First Step: Locate the Air Conditioner Filter Location

In central air conditioners, the filter typically resides near the cold air return. This particular component typically resides within the basement across the US pretty much. It can be at a different spot for the air conditioner in Phoenix etc. 

Second Step: Turn Of The Power

It will be great to turn off the power whilst doing any type of service on your air conditioner. Just turn off the unit and this small yet important step will protect you and your equipment as well.

Third Step: Eliminate The Filter & Vacuum It

Mostly, when you remove the filter then you will observe layers of dust on it. Don’t freak out as that’s supposed to happen. The amount of dust caked onto the filter can be pretty intense usually. 

The simple and effective solution to remove the dust is by vacuuming (with a bristled attachment). You have to repeat the process of vacuuming all the central AC filters, even those hiding behind the returns. They are just as significant. Do not forget to vacuum both sides of the filter. 

Fourth Step: 

Soak The Filter In A Equal Proportion (50/50) Mixture of Water & Vinegar

Note: Before doing this step, do take a look at your filter’s manual or go through the instructions. If you find it suitable then you should go for the option. This way, you will not cause any damage.

In case, your filter is water-friendly then put in a mixture of vinegar and water for about an hour. Make sure to dry out the filters before installing them back in.

You can use the other option here as you have to create a basin big enough to hold your air conditioner filter and then utilize a hose. It will be much more useful but do set the pressure at a lower level. Otherwise, the intense pressure will damage the filter badly. 

Fifth Step: Install The Filter

Once you have cleaned the filter (meaning no dust or debris) and then you can easily put it back or reinstall it. Filters have an arrow to show you the correct position to put it in place precisely. This arrow needs to point in the direction of the airflow.  


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