9 Great Ways to Improve Your Home without Spending a Fortune


Financial outlooks are starting to look rosier, but we are all still a little wary of spending money. We aren’t quite ready to start booking those dream holidays just yet or even splash out on a bit bigger car. No, we would rather wait a while and make sure that we are in a position of confidence ourselves before we start spending the way we used to once again.

That said, we still need to make our lives more fun and have a lavish lifestyle without the expense that seems to come with a cheerful existence. Our homes need to be somewhere we enjoy living, which means we must continually improve them. So let’s look at some ways to do that without breaking the bank.

Dress up your windows

This is an easy and affordable solution to give a whole new flavour to your room. Еven just one curtain can furnish a cosy and elegant look to your home.

If you want to expand a small room visually, we suggest fixing the curtains rod 4-6 inches above the window frame to achieve visually taller windows.

Do you love sunlight? To enjoy it, select a rod wider than the window frame, making your windows look more prominent and letting more sunlight through. And it does kill indoor germs living in the room dust!

You can choose from various window curtains, which can improve your overall home design and energy consumption. Using organic fabrics, contrast curtains, floor-to-ceiling drapes, and custom designs are top window treatment trends for 2019.


Good lighting can vastly change your room perception. Depending on the mood you want to create, there is a wide range of contemporary lighting fitments – from different shapes to various custom design styles and options. Apply a new modern lighting concept depending on the room’s role in your daily life.

Accent lighting is the most personal and creative option! It’s ideal for providing visual separation in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and wherever you decide. Highlight key areas or features to achieve more flexibility and cosiness. What a perfect addition it could be to your fireplace!

Replace your switches

Switches always get dirty and faulty due to their regular use. There’s one way to escape from the outdated or worn-out ones. Switch them up! Replacing them with decorative ones adds an aesthetical touch to your home design concept. You can also drive your creativity and imagination and make custom covers that can even turn into a piece of art. You can just need a couple of paint brushes. 

If you want to turn yourself into a new way of lighting, you can select high-tech light switches for smart home control. You will give your home not only a practical but futuristic look!

Safety note: Replacing your light switches can cause some wiring troubleshoots. If you find difficulties with following proper safety guidelines, call a professional electrician.

WOW your guests with a DIY kitchen

New kitchen hardware can make inexpensive cabinetry look luxe and fresh. You can do it yourself and in no time!

Attach new cabinetry handles, pulls and knobs with something that will fit the overall style of the kitchen.

Why not doing yourself new hardware? You can just buy some inexpensive accessories and dress them up with textile or a layer of paint.

If you want to achieve a beautiful rustic finish to your kitchen, you can opt for an antique-looking copper faucet. It’s an easy-to-do upgrade to your kitchen look. You can add some additional vintage charm by applying a coat of dry paint and antique glaze to your kitchen cabinets.

Create an accent wall

You have so many options to choose an impressive colour or a couple that will complement your overall home design project. If you don’t want your home never go out of style, create an accent wall! It is a comparatively small part of the room, so it is not costly and time-consuming.

If you’d like an alternative to paint, try vinyl wallpapers, natural brick, stone veneer or another design element. You are only limited by your creativity and imagination!

Update your bathroom on a budget

Whether you’re after а contemporary or traditional finish to the bathroom, all accessories and furniture give distinct style. To modernize your bathroom look, these quick, easy changes will make a big difference:

Replace that outdated bathroom furniture: toilet paper roll holder, towel and grab bars, bathroom shelves and lights, soap dish, etc.

Mount a wall faucet – if you decide on it, you can opt for a narrower vanity. The result – released additional space. It is a relatively easy job if you have the right tools. If no – rely on a skilful plumber.

Hang a large mirror – mounting a larger mirror, stretching not just over the vanity, is not only design but also a practical solution. Note that hanging heavy mirrors is often challenging and a handyman with the right toolkit and skills is desirable.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

A coat of paint can make all the difference and can really brighten up your rooms, as can some funky new wall paper, although sticking complicated patterns up can be quite difficult. You might also need some walls repaired before painting so if you are in any doubt get the professionals involved. That said, most modern homes are perfect for a bit of decoration and the clean walls and fresh paint smell can make your home seem almost new again.

Update your upholstered furniture

Renewing your upholstered furniture is another way to improve your home, although it can be expensive. You may also be replacing good quality items with cheaper poor quality equivalents just for the sake of it. So, before you decide to go out and buy lots of new items, consider contacting a professional upholstery cleaning company and ask them to give you a quote. This is a cheap and excellent way to bring your upholstery back to life. You will be amazed at the results and probably rather horrified at the amount of dirt that is removed. You can leave in the morning and return in the evening to a house that is so much more inviting you will already be setting up the next occasion for your couch to be given a proper cleaning.

Go for the door

Sometimes the simplest of things can make all the difference and the slightest change can transform your home into something far better. Just by changing the doors you can make rooms brighter and classier and there are lots of doors available at the DIY sheds for much less money than you might think. So look at changing the living room door for one with some glass in it and, by doing so, brighten up the hallway, or put some classy looking white painted Georgian style doors upstairs and give your home a more stately look. The options are almost endless as there is so much choice and most doors are standard sizes meaning very little work is involved.

Of course you can always put a new kitchen or bathroom in or fit an extension or conservatory, but at the end of the day these things can be extremely expensive, so perhaps you should start with a good clean and see how much better the place feels and then go from there.


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