Considering Full Mouth Reconstructions; Here Are the Top Questions to Ask Your Dentist


Are you considering renewing your smile? You might look in the mirror and don’t like what you see since your smile may not look as much as you would like over the years. Your meals, habits, accidents causing trauma to your mouth, and medical conditions, to name a few, can impact your smile. A full mouth reconstruction Irvine can help renew the smile, but before you dive in head-first, it would be best to know a bit about what it entails. Below is a glance at the top questions to consider before getting started.

What is full-mouth reconstruction?

Full-mouth reconstruction entails simultaneous procedures tailored to readjust and rebuild your dental function and restore your smile. The series helps you to address more problems, restore the smile and teeth functions, and improve your oral health, rather than working on one issue at a time. The procedures are customized, ensuring they match your personal goals and needs. The comprehensive treatment and time saved are among the top reasons to consider full-mouth reconstruction.

What are the common treatment areas?

Full-mouth reconstruction, much like the name suggests, targets the whole mouth. The dentist intervention may therefore include areas such as:

  •         Jaws – Ensuring it is symmetrical and that you do not experience pain when opening/closing the mouth
  •         Gums- Check the color, ensure it is normal, and deal with issues such as inflamed, receding, or sensitive/painful gums, including when touched.
  •         Teeth – Color, size, shape, and alignment are the common issues you can address with the successive full mouth reconstruction
  •         Cheeks – Full mouth reconstruction helps address swollen or sunken cheeks, revitalizing your facial looks and smile
  •         Lips- If you are struggling with swollen, dry, or patchy lips or you have sores commonly found on lip corners, the reconstruction can help

What dental concerns can the procedure treat?

Full-mouth reconstruction may come out as a cosmetic solution. The simultaneous procedures treat functional, health, and cosmetic dental issues. This is more so since most of the concerns in many cases overlap. For instance, you might have a functional problem impacting your speech, like a missing tooth. This may mean you also have a health issue, such as tooth decay, causing tooth loss. Moreover, it impacts your smile since the gap left is noticeable.

Full-mouth reconstruction allows you to address all such issues at once. There are no one-size-fits-all full-mouth reconstructions. The best procedures are informed by your needs. This means they can be a combination of cosmetic, general, and restorative procedures, including filings, bridges, crowns, bonding, veneers, implants, and TMJ therapy, just to mention a few.

Full-mouth reconstruction is best suited if you are dealing with multiple issues you would want to address at once. If you only have one issue, it might not be as appealing. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t wait for issues to pile up since you risk experiencing severe dental and overall health problems. Contact Smile by Design Dental Group today for more on full mouth reconstruction and all your dental care needs.


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