7 Modern Interior Design Tips for Log Cabin Owners

Interior Design Tips for Log Cabin Owners

Designing the interior space of a log cabin is an exciting, but often-difficult affair. If you want to make the classical home style feel modern, the task can become that much more overwhelming. However, with the right guidance, you can discover what interior design choices feel right for your tastes, and you can make your dreams of having an ideal log cabin interior come true. To help you out, here are seven modern interior design tips for log cabin owners: 

1. Lighting is All About Mood

When you begin considering how to handle the lighting needs of your log cabin, you need to consider mood above all else. Even if your lighting is always consistently effective, you will regret your setup if it fails to capture the right mood, comfort level, and aesthetic that you’ve been dreaming of. Make sure you’re capturing the right balance of natural and artificial light especially, as this will help you unlock the “off-grid” aesthetic that many log cabin owners are looking for. When you’re decorating for small log cabins, this tip becomes especially crucial. 

2. DIY Decorations are In

Even in 2022, using DIY decorations and repurposed objects to decorate your home is considered incredibly modern and trendy (and this extends to decorating a log cabin). When you’re ready to begin crafting DIY decorations, you should first ask yourself what your ideal decoration looks like. Once you’ve done so, you can begin perusing found objects, and the depths of your crafting skill sets, to discover the best path forward. With any luck, you’ll blow guests away with the quality of your DIY decorations. 

3. You Can Design for Your Tastes

Many people make the mistake of designing for others’ tastes, rather than their own. While this approach can make your cabin popular amongst your acquaintances, it will not allow you to build your dream interior. For this reason, you should always emphasize your own aesthetic desires above all else when designing your log cabin’s interior. Doing so will help you feel more confident in your own shoes, and will greatly increase the comfort level of your cabin as well. 

4. Expensive Does Not Equal “Better”

On top of designing their space for other people, homeowners often find themselves victims of advertising schemes that try to make expensive=better. If you want to achieve your dream design setup on a budget, you need to deprogram yourself from this destructive (and expensive) way of thinking. From DIY decorations to natural lighting solutions, there are plenty of ways to decorate your log cabin without breaking the bank. 

5. You Must Have Plants 

To make your home feel modern and authentic, having houseplants is an absolute must. Unless there is a reason that house plants cannot be included in your design setup (or if you simply detest plants for some reason), you should be investing in quality houseplants. Be sure to choose plants that bring something to the table aesthetically, and always make sure to consider how they might complement other aspects of your log cabin’s interior design. Doing so will help you succeed in your search for the perfect houseplants. 

6. Faux-Leather is the Way to Go

Leather is classy. Everyone knows this. For this reason, many people demand that they have at least a few pieces of quality leather furniture in their log cabin homes. However, to achieve style without resorting to cruelty, you should always go with faux-leather products when possible. Not only are they less cruel, but they are often both easier to find and much, much less expensive than real leather. If you find the right faux-leather product, they can often be more comfortable than real leather furniture pieces as well. 

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Lots of Color 

Ignore all of the articles you’ve read about using neutral color palettes in your log cabin. While it’s totally fine (and even classically inspired) to use neutral color palettes for a log cabin’s interior design, this is far away from a more “modern” aesthetic. Choose colors that are the right shade of bright or dull for you, and pick colors that make your mind feel absolutely filled to the brim with joy, and you’ll quickly unlock your dream interior. 

Your Dream Cabin Lives Inside Your Soul

By looking deep down into the depths of your soul, you can quickly determine what your dream cabin interior actually looks like. After you’ve achieved this step, you can use the seven tips above to help you finalize your interior design ideas. With the right amount of hard work, you’ll be living in your dream cabin in a few short months.


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