9 Reasons Why Your Toilet Keeps Clogging


Clogs in the toilet at home or the office can ruin your mood. Using a plunger can be your saving grace if it’s a rare phenomenon. However, if toilet clogs are frequent, you will need to find the actual reason rather than relying on temporary measures. A quick call to the blocked toilet specialist in Geelong can help to diagnose the problem and find the real culprit behind the clog.

You can also keep toilet clogs in check by understanding why. In this article, we shall explain why the toilet clogs happen so that you can prevent them. Read on to know more-

Old-Fashioned, Outdated Toilets

The first-generation low-flush toilets became quickly popular due to their low water consumption. Thus installing these helped people save money on utility bills. However, these low-flush toilets had a significant issue that led to frequent clogs. The low water pressure wasn’t enough to flush the waste down the drain. Thus if you also have a low-flush toilet design dating from 1994 to 1997, it’s time to change it, as the toilet is probably the reason behind frequent clogs. 

Flushing Non-flushable Products

Only human waste and toilet paper must go down the toilets. Other papers or hygiene products like baby wipes aren’t flushable, though their labels may say so. You will encounter a persistent clog issue if you continuously flush random things in the toilet. So-called “flushable” wipes are among the worst offenders expert plumbers in Paint Cook see nowadays since not everybody knows that these can cause significant harm to the drain. 

Additionally, if yours is a household with little children, you must check if they are flushing their tiny toys in the toilet. It’s because children are fascinated with the flush, and if left unattended, they may try putting anything into the toilet to see how it flushes. 

Usage of Excess Toilet Paper

Even though toilet paper is flushable, too much might obstruct the drain. Yes, toilet paper breaks down more quickly than wipes and paper towels. However, overflushing could result in a backup. It can be a frequent phenomenon if a clog is already in your pipes. When mixed with other trash, the toilet paper can cause severe blockage in the toilet. Using a plunger can clear such blockage, otherwise you will have to call the plumber in Geelong to your rescue. 

Clogs in the S-Trap

Most homeowners know of a P-trap for a sink, but did you realise that your toilet also contains a trap? The toilet trap, located between the toilet bowl and drain line, has an S-shape rather than a P-shape. The P-trap on a sink serves the same goal as the trap on a toilet: to catch things and keep them from travelling into the drain line and clogging it. S-trap also keeps the sewer gas from entering the bathroom, creating a foul odour at home.

Though S-traps are helpful, they are also susceptible to clogs due to the design. Therefore, using a plunger for blocked drains in Geelong or your neighbourhood is advisable.

Damaged Main Sewer Line

Sometimes things you flush can easily pass through the plumbing fixtures at home but end up stuck in the house’s primary sewage system. Clogs in the sewage system are challenging to fix and require a well-experienced plumbing company in geelong for repairs.

Sometimes, outside factors like tree root intrusions, sewer line breakage, and sewer line infiltrations cause sewer lines to clog. These problems affect drainage and your plumbing system’s capacity to remove waste from your home, which causes your toilet to clog continually. If this issue exists, sewer line repairs are required.

Hard Water

We are familiar with hard and soft water and its impact on our skin, clothes and system. However, do you know that hard water can also impact the plumbing fixture of your household, causing significant toilet clogs? Minerals in hard water have the potential to calcify over time. It forms a white substance that is difficult to get rid of.

The gap where waste can pass through narrows when this calcified substance is in excess, leading to blockage. You can solve this by hiring an expert plumber in Paint Cook to remove the accumulation.

Installing a water softener is another option for a long-term solution. Before entering your toilet, this device treats your water. It softens the minerals to reduce calcification occurrences.

Old Pipelines

Like an outdated toilet, your home’s aging plumbing system might clog your toilets. Pipework becomes more prone to collapsing as it becomes older. When this occurs, it can turn into a clog source.

Sediment backwash is one of the warning indicators you should be on the lookout for. If you have multiple toilets in your home and they’re all acting clogged, your piping may have more severe damage than you think.

In either scenario, you must contact a plumber to assess the pipes’ condition. Be prepared to repair or upgrade your lines if necessary.

Block in the Toilet Vents

Your plumbing vent may come into contact with various exterior elements. Over time, the vents may become clogged with material, such as leaves, sticks, and bird nests. The blockage will then cause the drain flow to decrease.

You should call a plumber to clean the vents in such cases. Only professionals have the specialised instruments needed to remove the obstruction.

Defects in the Flapper

We already know that a weak flush is one of the causes of blockage. The flapper is a component that guarantees enough flushing pressure. When you flush, the flapper opens up and begins to function. It then enables the tank’s water to flush down. Weak flushes happen when the flapper does not open fully.

Due to the low pressure, waste cannot reach the drainpipe’s bottom. Fortunately, repairing the flapper is simple. Find the chain connected to the flush arm and remove a few links to decrease its size and see if it works properly. If not, contact the nearest plumbing company in Laverton.

Summing Up

Knowing the reasons behind the clog in your toilet can help to prevent such incidents. If you want to know more about safeguarding your plumbing fixtures, contact Your Local Plumbing and Drainage, a well-experienced and equipped plumbing company near you.


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