Buying VPS servers with Bitcoin


The world of cryptocurrencies has slowly been engulfing every area of our society with many businesses and service providers starting to acknowledge them as an alternative payment method.

Over the last decade, crypto’s rise to prominence, more notably that of Bitcoin, has made online retail stores, ecommerce and other daily service providers think of such currencies as a viable payment alternative, with hosting providers being no exception to this.

But why is crypto being introduced into the hosting field and is it ultimately better to purchase a server with Bitcoin?

Crypto payments protect your privacy

Due to the way in which such cryptocurrencies operate, payments made with them are significantly more secure than any of the traditional options that exist. This is because crypto transactions do not contain any of your personal information due to the fact that their essence lies in transferring a given amount of currency from one address to another, without attaching any additional labels or metadata that can be used to breach your privacy.

However, this does not mean that such payments are completely untraceable, because of which you should not be using them with abusive intentions. All Bitcoin transactions are recorded and stored inside of the blockchain, meaning that you can check every transaction that you have conducted.

This, alongside the blockchain technology implementation adds a very secure layer of protection to your transaction information, making hosting services like Bitcoin VPS a very good option to go for if you have some spare crypto and would like to get a server.

Cheaper transactions

Given that Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, it cannot be regulated by one single body or organization. Furthermore, when transferring Bitcoin from one place to another, you are essentially sending a set amount of the currency.

This, consequently, means that the need for currency conversion is entirely not needed. Because of these factors, international payments made with crypto are substantially less expensive than the additional fees that you would be required to pay if you were to conduct an international transaction.

You would be surprised to find out how much you would ultimately pay long term in fees if you had to send money to your hosting provider if they are located in another country or continent.

They provide an alternative

As we already mentioned before, cryptocurrencies are very good at providing an alternative. The same applies for those who do not have access to any of the traditional payment methods such as banking and PayPal. In some countries, this is due to legislation while in others it is simply because such options are not available or blocked. Because of this, cryptocurrencies give the chance for people to still conduct payments for goods and services.

They are a good investment

Given that crypto is largely purchased as an investment, spending some crypto to purchase a server can also be deemed a good investment in the long run. This is because such services are usually ordered at a set price that does not tend to fluctuate, meaning that you can offer it to someone you know later on down the line.

Not only are they a good long-term investment, such services are also quite easy to set up as most people that utilize cryptocurrencies already have their wallets on their phones, allowing for a quick on-the-go purchase. If you don’t have a wallet set up, you can easily go and configure one in a matter of minutes – all you need is a device with Internet connection and a few spare moments!

Such services offer good additional features

Hosting providers that offer such crypto VPS services usually have a lot of additional features that they can offer. Some more prominent examples of such extra features are a secure DDoS protection as well as server snapshots and backups.

Moreover, some providers even allow you to purchase a number of additional floating IPs, which can help mitigate the overall downtime of your website or application. This can help you substantially with preserving your search engine rankings.

Overall, going for a VPS server with Bitcoin is a good option for any individual or business due to the versatile nature of the service. Not only that, but it does also substantially help protect your privacy while providing you with the option to conduct cheaper international transactions. This, combined with the scalability that virtual private servers have, make such crypto VPS hosting services a very viable choice for anyone to take advantage of and start utilizing.


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