How to Increase Instagram Followers for Photographers?


Undoubtedly TikTok is a rising app, but still, Instagram is the most browsed platform for photography and interaction with valuable clients or artists. All photograph artists are getting more and more leads from Instagram. 

So, if you love photography and want to increase Instagram followers, stick with this post. Here are a few notable tips for growing IG followers on your account.

  • A business account on Instagram

If you are not using the IG business account page, switch immediately to the business account. IG business account allows you to enhance your performance with accurate data, including user interaction with your IG profile. 

Insight is a unique feature that can assist you in tracking data for your business. For instance, you can study the audience when they are active, increase followers, and enhance interaction with them according to gender, age, and photography. 

  • Ask your current followers

To increase traffic on your Instagram account, begin with existing followers, particularly for your new platform. Users will help you if you request them to follow and share your content with other users. 

Some creators do a giveaway to incite followers to support them. However, this is a great thing to increase Instagram followers. 

But if you have an established account on Instagram, you can reconsider this point but think twice about how to attract them to your account.

  • Post unique content

Remember, Instagram belongs to visual content than text content. People attract more to photos before reading captions. So, if your image is not attention-grabbing, they would have no interest in reading your text. 

High-resolution images can easily attract users, and poor picture drive away your traffic. So, always post admirable art because you will create your client from your account.

Besides, when people look at your image, they read captions about the post. So, your text should be unique and impressive. 

Which can increase interaction and audience. Ask a question for your audience about your images, and even you can get some suggestions for creative ideas.

  • Stick with consistency

Post your content on Instagram consistently because it will reflect your work nature. People will attract to your account because of your creative style. 

A versatile photographer should post different shoots in particular genres, but load your image carefully.

You should have a cohesive account than a clash. Many users create their accounts with consistent or harmonious colors, subjects, or themes. You can create your account organically, not include only images.

  • Add tags, locations, and hashtags

Undoubtedly, this is one of the significant sections of Instagram, and most IG account holders underestimated it. To increase users on your IG account, follow these simple hacks.

Add popular and relevant hashtags because it will enhance your exposure. So, choose hashtags carefully that are related to your theme. 

Or you can get an idea from your competitors to target the audience. Add hashtags under your post so the followers can recognize their meaning.

Locations are also a significant factor because people can search images by location.

Tagging is more crucial for IG account holders in their posts. But ask your customer before tagging them publicly in your content.

  • Audience interaction

Try to interact with your audience and other account holders to expand your audience. Commenting on other creators and even following them to increase followers on your account. 

When you share, comment, and likes on other posts, others will also act the same as a courtesy. But your primary focus is to attract followers with your creativity. Besides, try to be visible among your audience, not to random IG users.

  • Schedule your content

An online scheduler is the best way to schedule your content because it will save you time regarding content scheduling. 

Most online schedulers are free of cost, and you can start them for free options. The substantial benefits of a scheduler are you can easily manage your post section in your free time, and you can do this according to days and weeks.

  • Integrate Facebook

However, experts suggest integrating your IG account with other accounts, like Facebook. 

Besides, it will save time to collect likes from both accounts and ask users to like your content. Even you can use Facebook post scheduler too for more engaging audience.

Both social media platforms have the same background and can easily combine with the audience of both accounts. Besides, it will save time to collect likes from both accounts and ask users to like your content.

  • Consider numbers wisely

Last but not least, the numbers of followers are essential to enhance your exposure, but don’t run behind this game. The numbers are significant for data insight and can help to make your decision while posting your content at the best time.

But it doesn’t signify not posting out of time because the random audience will be available every time. 

Users can view social media randomly and can view your post to share. So, make accurate judgments about your audience and understand targeted users.

Final verdict:

Remember, every business is unique and can get a strange response from the audience, including yours. 

Therefore, don’t follow others of the same category blindly, and inspect every factor wisely before working over it. When you are on social media, your main concern is to involve an audience. 

So, create entertaining content for followers, and it should be your unique voice rather than blindly following any strategy. Learn deeply about the photography business and then build your audience.


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