Inoperable Vehicle Transport Services From ShipCar24


ShipCar24 has the necessary equipment and trained professionals for safe inoperable vehicle transport. Get in touch with ShipCar24’s professional customer service team to find the required service and ask for help with your broken-down car. Auto transport services from ShipCar24 are a particular service that uses special equipment, distinguished by a large platform, significant load capacity, and the availability of inoperable vehicle transport equipment (winch). Heavy-duty tow trucks have another design difference – low platform clearance, which allows you to lower the center of gravity when transporting cargo. This allows the vehicle to maneuver safely on busy roads. The price of inoperable vehicle transport services depends on the model of the car and the length of the route. ShipCar24 is a company with budget rates that offers quite acceptable prices for its services to customers. At the same time, ShipCar24 is ready to deliver the car in the shortest possible time – you will have to wait for a minimum time after the call.

The essential advantage of the services provided by ShipCar24 is its vast fleet and wide range of services. Any extraordinary event on the road is a typical job for ShipCar24 specialists. This company offers a particular vehicle for transporting any inoperable vehicle safely and on time. If it is necessary to deliver the car to the house or service station, ineffective vehicle transport will securely fix it so that it is not damaged during transportation. When making an application, you must specify the following data:

  • Location of inoperable vehicle transport;
  • Place of delivery;
  • Features of the vehicle that needs to be transported, what model, and what weight.

If there is a need for additional assistance, discuss it in advance so that ShipCar24 specialists can come to you with the appropriate set of tools. The operator will lay out the route and inform the cost of services for your case.

What is an inoperable vehicle?

Inoperable vehicle transport does not move. A car’s engine can fail to start for several reasons, including electrical problems, problems with the machine itself, and other mechanical damage that prevents the vehicle from starting. Whatever the reason, a non-running car needs a transportation service. Car shipping services at ShipCar24 are cheaper than calling a tow truck yourself. Transport costs also depend on the condition of the car. Vehicles with steering and front wheels are much easier to load and unload onto trailers. Accordingly, the cost of transporting such a vehicle will be much cheaper. The trailer must have a winch to pull the car to the trailer. More severely damaged vehicles, where the steering wheel does not turn, and the front wheels do not turn, may require special equipment to be loaded and unloaded onto the trailer. Therefore, the final cost of shipping your vehicle to the workshop or destination may vary depending on the car’s current condition.


What types of broken vehicles are transported?

Rich experience in the field of road transport allows ShipCar24 to transport all types of vehicles, such as:

  • Passenger cars;
  • Off-road vehicles;
  • Motorcycles;
  • Specially designed cars.

ShipCar24 is responsible for each task, performs its work professionally, and adheres to deadlines. They have favorable rates. The price of services is one of the critical parameters for customers, and they set reasonable prices for their services. The tariff depends on various factors: the transport type, dimensions, and the distance to the destination. You can contact the manager and get all the information. The specialist will tell you how the prices are formed and will name the exact amount. Customers love it; that’s why they prefer ShipCar24!

ShipCar24 is constantly developing, expanding, and updating its fleet. Extensive experience in transportation allows us to confidently perform almost any task related to the transportation of non-running cars. Professional drivers and competent and proven transport and logistics service of the company guarantee fast and high-quality fulfillment of each order, optimal selection of the route and the necessary transportation, control over the movement of the car, as well as minimal financial expenses of customers for transport services. ShipCar24 provides the possibility of pre-orders for any day and time. You can be sure that your broken-down car will arrive at the destination at the specified time.

Three key factors why your car won’t move?

Reason #1. You don’t have the keys to the doors, the ignition switch.

Keyless cars usually cannot be loaded onto a trailer with a unique winch, and these vehicles should only be loaded and unloaded using a forklift. Such loaders are used to load the car onto the trailer and at the area of delivery to remove it from the trailer.

Reason #2. Mechanical damage to the car.

Mechanical damage that renders the vehicle inoperable may require a winch or forklift. If the steering wheel does not turn in the car or the wheels are locked, we recommend using the functionality offered by the forklift for loading and unloading the vehicle.

Reason #3. Damage from a road traffic accident.

If you have recently been involved in a traffic accident and cannot afford the services of an expensive tow truck, you can choose ShipCar24. This experienced company provides affordable services to transport your vehicle.

Transportation of non-running vehicles from car auctions

Most cars bought at auctions are prone to mechanical problems. ShipCar24 specializes in the transportation of auction cars.

The essential part of transporting a broken down car is reporting the current condition of the vehicle to the carrier, who must find the necessary equipment to load safely and unload damaged cars and transport them to their destination. Pre-ordering these transport services speeds up the delivery process, as it is difficult to find equipment and transport to transport non-working vehicles immediately. Additional charges may apply if full details are not known before booking the transport service or if other equipment, such as forklifts, must be used during loading and unloading. If you are unsure about your car’s condition, contact an expert. Vehicle transportation costs are significantly reduced if the vehicle’s state is correctly specified when ordering the service rather than at the pickup and delivery time.


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