5 Letter Words With No Vowels to Play Games Like Wordle

5 letter words with no vowels

Read the above headline. Do you find a single word that doesn’t contain A, E, I, O and U? No, right? Almost all words in the English language include vowels, making it very difficult for a normal person to figure out words with no vowels. But here, we will help you find 5 letter words with no vowels.

If you focus a little, you will be able to figure out the usual words you use daily that don’t contain vowels like Shy, Dry, or Why.

But these words are pretty usual that anyone can figure out quickly and won’t help you in the Wordle, Quordle or Scrabble game.

Instead, you need to figure out long-format words that help you eliminate other players and win the game. Thankfully, there are many 5 letter words with no vowels.

Yes, we all have been taught in schools that all English words must contain vowels, but there are exceptions everywhere.

It’s possible because the letter Y often replaces vowels in the main English words. That’s why we have around 120 words that don’t contain vowels. Among them are some 5 letter words with no vowels, and this article will discuss them.

What is a vowel?

As experts, vowels are categorised into letters that can be pronounced without obstruction or audible friction in your mouth. The commonly known vowels are A, E, I, O, and U, but most definitions consider adding Y as an exception.

A vowel is the essence of any word. Not just in English, vowels can also be found in other languages. They exist because they make pronunciation easy and allow people to communicate better when speaking sentences in a flow. Because of vowels, you don’t have to think a lot before speaking.

Vowels are most helpful for singers as they often have to increase and decrease the loudness of their voice and having easy words make things easier.

Vowels also play a crucial role in forming an enhanced strong language base in the learner’s mind.

You might have noticed that kindergarten teachers teach kids about vowels before they go into the technicality of the language. It’s because vowels are most used throughout the language and are the base of the language.

But as we mentioned, there are exceptions, and some 5 letter words with no vowels do exist.

5 letter words with no vowels

Why do we need vowels?

Try to construct an English word that doesn’t include vowels. It can be anything and doesn’t have to make sense.

Now try to speak that word out loud in front of a mirror. You will surely notice a few difficulties that will include.

  • Your mouth will look awkward upon speaking.
  • You have to apply pressure or focus on speaking a single word
  • Also, you will notice an audible friction in your mouth that will hinder the free passage of air, and you might spit out saliva if you continuously repeat it.

We guess you imagined how difficult it gets to speak single words without using vowels. Imagine how difficult it will be to speak entire sentences or sing songs using words that don’t include vowels.

That’s why all languages need neutral words that can be spoken without any obstruction, making communication easy for all.

When you browse the 5 letter words with no vowels mentioned in this article, you will practically understand our point. Please read through and explore all those fantastic ideas.

Do no vowel words exist?

Surprisingly, no vowel words exist and have been recognised by popular dictionaries like Merriam-Webster and Britannica. You will not find an everyday use of these words. Instead, they are reserved for specific events and used under exceptional circumstances.

What is the need for no vowel words?

Some no-vowel words like Myth, Sync, and Dryly are commonly used; we need them in our daily lives to construct better sentences for easy communication. However some words may look useless, but they might help you sometimes. Some possible needs to use no vowel words include

  • They will help you in a critical situation while playing games like Wordle, Quordle or Scrabble. Imagine you are about to lose the game but make a great move by adding a no-vowel word that surprises everyone and may help you win the game.
  • It’s a great fun fact to know about. Many people have no idea about these words. This helps you with an opportunity to flaunt your knowledge of the English language. It will surely help you stand out and look knowledgeable in the crowd.
  • Another important need is that these words resemble particular things that exist for real. For example – The word “dry” doesn’t include vowels but is essential, denotes many things and circumstances and has real-world uses.

Similar to vowel words – no vowel words are also crucial because of the reason we mentioned above. You would not be able to construct easy sentences if these words were removed from the dictionary.

This includes the short 3-4 lettered word with Y as a substitute vowel. Removing them will make the language more complex, and they are pretty important.

5 letter words with no vowels

Now, when you understand the whole concept of vowels and their importance in the language. Let’s quickly check out the 5 letter words with no vowels:

  1. Crwth
  2. Cwtch
  3. Grrrl
  4. Grrls
  5. Phpht

The English have gained Crwth and Cwtch from the Welsh people. They natively speak Welsh in Wales and some other parts of England.

Grrrl and Grrls are considered slang words, whereas Phpht is an Onomatopoeia word (the physical sound of the word imitates or suggests its resemblance).

Meaning of these words

  1. Crwth – A name of an ancient instrument similar to a violin.
  2. Cwtch – A familiar word that means a cuddle or a hug.
  3. Grrrl – A young woman observed as independent, strong or aggressive.
  4. Grrls – An alternate word to Grrrl, it has the same meaning.
  5. Phpht – It is referred to as a sensation of reluctance or mild irritation

These are the only five-letter words with no vowels that don’t contain a Y. Rest other word are potentially easier to speak and makes better sense but includes Y. Let’s explore all of them.


We hope now you can remember at least some of the no vowel 5 letter words that will help you enhance your vocabulary and maintain a strong language knowledge. However, this doesn’t end here. There are other words too, that you must be aware of.

5 letter words ending in der with no other vowels

Many words end with der, like wonder, ender, coder and so on. But all of these words come with an extra vowel, which leaves us with a question: Are there any words that end with der and don’t include extra vowels in them?

We researched numerous articles posted by popular websites and thankfully found a set of words that don’t include vowels. Here is a list of all such words:

  1. Ryder
  2. Vnder
  3. CNDer
  4. Cyder

We could only figure out four words that don’t include an extra vowel. We might have missed something, and if you have an idea about more such words, please let us know in the comments. Also, we will surely add your relevant suggestions to this article.

Can you speak the English language without vowels?

No, the entire language is based upon vowels, and it’s practically impossible to speak without them. Some people argue that you can still create words and sentences by omitting vowels to create meaningful sentences that are equally easier to use.

However, the worthiness of any language depends on its widespread acceptability. A group of people might form their sentences and communicate according to their understanding, but we cannot denote it as a recognised language until the masses accept it.

This derives us to the conclusion that vowels are an integral part of the language, and whatever you try, you will never be able to speak proper English without using vowels.

5 letter words with no vowels

You will need to use vowels to Cry, Laugh, and Sing

We already discussed the necessity of vowels in singing as it makes it easy to go high and low. But astonishingly, without vowels, you cannot even cry or laugh. There is a specific reason behind it.

The human mind is designed to include vowels in our tone and speech sounds. We unknowingly use vowels even while crying or laughing, regardless of our native language.

Although it doesn’t include specific consonants, it’s impossible to prove with definitions or examples. It’s just an event that can be heard or noticed while it is happening. So, the next time you see someone laughing, notice they might be pronouncing vowels without realising.

Please don’t experiment on your crying friend, or you might end up in a bigger mess.

Do you know there are short vowels and long vowels

For a deeper explanation, vowels can be categorised into short and long. In layperson’s terms, words that include a vowel and sounds stretched upon speaking can be termed as long vowels like Lead, Male or Pole, while words that have a vowel and sounds short can be categorised under short vowels like Bet, Hat, or Led.

It can only be noticed upon pronouncing the words, but specific uses of other vowels make long and short vowels.

The silent E often create a long vowel like “a” in “hate”, where the E is silent, but “a” in the hat is an example of a short vowel.

Similarly, two vowels placed next to each other also create the sound of a long vowel “e” in “beat” is the perfect example, while the same “e” in “bet” is an excellent example of a short vowel.

As mentioned, it can only be noticed upon pronunciation. If you are interested in categorising the short and long vowels, read any online article and categorise the words per your understanding and the rules mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of specific questions people mostly ask on the Internet. You might find your answer below; if not, please let us know your question in the comments.

1. What are 5 letter words with no vowels and no Y?

The name of 5 such words includes Crwth, Cwtch, Grrrl, Grrls and Phpht. All of these words don’t have a Y and other vowels too. Please don’t forget to browse the meanings mentioned above in this article.

2. Are vowels necessary in English?

Yes, vowels are extremely necessary for the English language. Without them, you won’t be able to speak even a word correctly. People who learn English are first introduced to vowels and other language rules.

3. What is the use of 5 letter words with no vowels?

Many words that include Y are necessary for everyday use, but certain words that don’t have Y can be used occasionally. You can also try them while playing word games like Scrabble; they will help you to stand out and may help you win the game.

5 letter words with no vowels

Final thoughts

We believe you found 5 letter words with no vowels and all other fantastic facts above vowels. They are the basic part of the language; without vowels, you cannot speak, sing, cry or laugh properly.

Not only in English but vowels can also be noticed in Japanese and Danish languages. They might be there in your language, too, and you have been speaking them unknowingly for all these days. Try to figure out the words in your language that don’t require you to twist your tongue and you use them often. They are the potential vowels in your language.

What do you find interesting about vowels? Please let us know about it in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share additional words we might have missed in this article.


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