Preparing for an end of tenancy cleaning in London


If you’re looking into end of tenancy cleaning in London right now, I can say from experience that this cleaning service is amazing. It makes moving out of a rented place so much easier. Moving is already extremely stressful, and having to clean your old place and get it ready for the new tenants is a step too far for most. But end of tenancy cleaning ensures that your old place is ready for new people to move in and ensures you won’t have to foot the bill for your landlord to clean it after you leave.

So, end of tenancy cleaning services are great and well worth doing. However, there are some important things you need to do before your cleaning session to make sure it goes smoothly. This is what we’re discussing below.

5 things to do before an end of tenancy cleaning

1. Book the cleaning appointment in advance

So, you’ve decided to use end of tenancy cleaning services when moving out of your home. Now, some cleaning companies allow you to book these cleaning sessions right at the last minute, some even the day before. This is really handy if another cleaning company has let you down or you only just found out about these cleaning services recently.

However, it is a good idea to book your end of tenancy cleaning session as early as possible. The moment you know the day you’ll be moving out, book your end of tenancy cleaning session. It is best to book it for the moving out day unless you have a few days overlap on your tenancy. In this case, book it for the day after you’ve moved all your stuff out. That way, the cleaning company can come in and clean everything really thoroughly without stepping on your toes.

2. Move out all your stuff

This is really important for end of tenancy cleaning services. You need to get all of your stuff out of the old place before the end of tenancy cleaning session begins. This will ensure that the cleaners only clean what they need to, and nothing is in the way of them reaching every inch of the place.

Remember, an end of tenancy clean is a top to bottom clean of the entire rented place, so everything you own should be removed wherever possible. If your new place isn’t ready for you to move your new stuff into, it might be worth using a storage company or your moving company. Many moving companies can hold onto your stuff for a few days while the transition takes place.

3. Add any additional cleaning services you need

As we said, end of tenancy cleans are a complete clean of the rented place, designed to take them back to a clean slate for the next tenants. However, there are some cleaning services that aren’t not included in the standard end of tenancy clean.

For example, carpet shampooing. A lot of end of tenancy cleans don’t include carpet shampooing, as many rented places in London don’t have carpets, and so they are not needed in many properties. If your home does have carpets that need cleaning, ensure to include this service when you book the appointment.

Upholstery cleaning is also not usually included in end of tenancy cleans. Again, a lot of rented places don’t come furnished, so upholstery cleaning isn’t needed. If your place is furnished and you need upholstery cleaning, make sure to ask about it when you book the cleaning appointment.

Before you book your cleaning appointment, it is worth checking your tenancy agreement. That way, you’ll know what cleaning services are required, and if these aren’t included in the end of tenancy clean, you can ask the cleaning company to include them or for a recommendation for a reputable cleaner that can provide the additional services.

4. Ensure the cleaners use a checklist

Pretty much every single estate agent and landlord across London uses a checklist when they get a rented place back from tenants. This checklist ensures that everything is present and correct. So, any marks on the walls, stains on the carpets, and damage to worktops, for example, are all taken into account. This checklist includes damages, changes to paint and structure and cleaning. The landlord wants to know that everything is ready for the new tenants to move in, and this includes the place being clean.

Some cleaning companies in London (not all, sadly) use the same checklists as landlords and estate agents to go through the property thoroughly after the cleaning team has done the work. They will tick off each area and ensure it is cleaned properly. If it isn’t, the cleaners will go back in and do it again. So, when it comes time for the landlord’s checks, all of the areas are cleaned to their exacting standards. We’d recommend always using cleaners who use these checklists. They really make the difference between the landlords being pleased and you being hit with a cleaning bill.

5. Understand the guarantee

No matter what cleaning company you use for your end of tenancy clean, they should provide a guarantee for the cleaning work. If your landlords are not happy with the clean, a guarantee ensures that it is the cleaning company’s responsibility to put any errors right and not yours. The guarantee of the cleaning company coming back to fix any mistakes is just as vital as the end of tenancy clean itself!



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