What Does an Airbnb Manager Do?


A growing number of property investors are thinking about using short-term rental platforms like Airbnb to boost their earnings over the long-term tenancy. However, maintaining a short-term rental property directly takes significantly more time and effort than locating a renter who would normally stay for 12 months or more on a long-term contract.

If you’ve been a successful Airbnb host for a time, you might be considering adding more vacation rental properties to your inventory. You may even think about providing property management services and managing other people’s properties, just like https://estaga.com/short-term does. The short-term rental sector is always expanding, so now is a great moment to take the next step and establish a property management company. So what does an Airbnb property manager do? Let’s dive deep into this question.

What Is the Role of an Airbnb Property Manager?

Before you decide to change occupations, you should be informed of the duties of a property manager. While it may be a very fulfilling and profitable professional path, it is far from easy. You should anticipate working hard, especially as you advance in your career. What does an Airbnb property manager do? Here are some of the key manager’s responsibilities:

  • Developing ties with homeowners;
  • Booking confirmation and guest communication;
  • Cleaning and maintenance tasks must be scheduled and managed;
  • Managing check-ins and check-outs;
  • Distributing listings on Airbnb and other rental platforms.

In this article, we’ll go over the key services offered by companies that manage short-term rentals on behalf of property investors, as well as why it’s worth considering using a professional service to get the best of both worlds: higher returns with less hands-on work. So if you know how to buy property for short term rental and own property for rent, keep reading to know what does an Airbnb property manager do.


Setup of Property Marketing and Listing

The first step in renting out your house as a short-term rental is to advertise it on major booking sites. Although Airbnb is the most popular and largest site in the world, some management businesses may also list on other major sites such as Stayz, Homeaway, and Booking.com to maximize occupancy rates and revenues. 

The firm will undertake an initial assessment of your property to discover its greatest qualities and develop a listing that will appeal to your intended guest audience during the onboarding and setup phase of their service. They will next take professional photographs of the property and important sections such as living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, cooking facilities, and, if applicable, outdoor areas. When a home is marketed with professional, well-lit, and strategically composed images, it frequently has a significant influence on its chance of being booked. So if you wonder what does an Airbnb manager do, it is one of the functions to pay attention to.

Communication With Guests and Check-In Coordination

What does an Airbnb property manager do? Professional Airbnb managers will handle all interactions with guests who book your home, including check-in instructions, pre-reservation queries, and preparing a guide for your property to make their stay as smooth and easy as possible. Depending on the company’s size and skills, Airbnb managers can often provide a greater degree of service to guests than a single self-managed host. Thus, as a property owner, you can count on the following.

24-Hour Assistance

As a rule, professional Airbnb managers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to booking platform messages and reservation requests. What does an Airbnb manager do? One is always responsive and ready to help.

Communication in Many Languages

They are a multilingual workforce that can communicate with foreign guests in different languages: English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, etc.

Cleaning and Visitor Turnover

One of the most significant aspects of your guest’s experience is the quality of your property’s cleaning service. Each time a visitor checks out, self-managed Airbnb owners must either clean the property themselves or engage contract cleaners. 

One difficulty in employing independent cleaners is assuring their availability between every guest visit, and it is sometimes important to have at least a few different cleaners on call in case one is unable to clean the property on a certain day.

Furthermore, an Airbnb cleaning program must include specifics such as changing sheets and restocking important goods. Short-term rental management businesses handle guest turnover and cleaning on your behalf, ensuring that you always have dependable and competent cleaners between bookings. As a rule, a routine clean includes at a minimum:

  • Vacuuming or mopping floors;
  • Removing trash and emptying garbage cans;
  • Cleaning of surfaces;
  • Replacing towels and linen;
  • Restocking necessities;
  • Dishwashing and cooking utensils;
  • Creating beds.

What does an Airbnb manager do? When picking an Airbnb management business, it’s also a good idea to ask about their cleaner quality assurance systems and if cleaning is handled completely by individual cleaners.

Pricing and Revenue Control

There are several methods for managing a property’s nightly pricing, and in general, the more data you have, the more you will understand your local market to maximize occupancy and average daily prices.

Data-driven price management, for example, is so critical to maximizing a property’s revenues that professional property management companies have an in-house staff devoted to analyzing rates from surrounding homes, adjusting pricing to seasonal trends, and tracking local events that drive up demand. Because Airbnb management firms often charge a management fee based on your booking income, they will be motivated to maximize your revenues and stay on top of pricing optimization potential.

Upkeep of Real Estate

What does an Airbnb property manager do? Upkeep of real estate is one of the key tasks. Ensuring that your property is properly maintained and that issues are addressed as soon as possible is critical to the guest experience, and different Airbnb property management companies may offer varying levels of support, ranging from simply notifying you when an issue needs to be resolved to proactive maintenance and directly fixing problems on your behalf. 

When wondering what does an Airbnb manager do, you will be surprised to know that an in-house maintenance manager, for example, inspects all properties regularly as part of a preventative maintenance routine. This guarantees that any repair work may be completed with little disruption to guest bookings.

In addition to specific maintenance inspections, cleaners will pick up on the most visible issues between stays. This means that Airbnb-managed properties are inspected and checked on a much more regular basis than long-term rentals.



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