Out of the Box Nautical Corporate Outing Ideas

Nautical Corporate Outing Ideas

Corporate outings can be powerful team builders. Team building by way of a corporate sailing event is a great way to make sure that your crew is all on the same page. These are leisure activities that merge the excitement of being on the water with the relaxation of being surrounded by luxury. Corporate cruises are also a great way to reward your team for the work that they do on behalf of the company. You don’t need to know anything about sailing to enjoy your time on the water. You only need the desire to cut loose and let the pressures of work remain in the office for a while.

Whale Watching Corporate Outing

Corporate event charters San Diego are a fabulous way to bring the team together for a singular experience. Most whale watching charters range from about three and a half to four hours in duration, but can be catered according to client needs. Likewise, luxury add-ons, such as food and drink, can easily be brought onboard to create a finer experience.

Corporate entertaining at sea is a captivating experience that necessarily facilitates bonding among team members. The atmosphere that is created can be as casual or elegant as desired. Corporate events that are booked in evenings, for instance, often come with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, which are the perfect pairings for enjoying a beautiful sunset.

Whale Watching Team Ice Breakers

In San Diego whale watching is a year-round activity. Sometimes, passengers are separated into teams, who then work together to accomplish a scavenger hunt, which features whales and other marine life, as well as landmarks.

Whales migrate through different waters at different times of the year. In the waters off of San Diego, for example, 20,000 blue whales migrate back and forth from Alaska to Mexico. They can be seen en masse, feeding off the coast of San Diego. In the summer, blue whales have a similar experience.

Blue whales are among the largest animals on the planet. From the middle of June through September, these massive giants are in the midst of their own migrations. They enjoy the waters off of San Diego because the shelf drops from 400 feet to four thousand feet just a few miles offshore.

Other Nautical Corporate Outing Ideas

There are so many team-building options, even on an oceangoing vessel. Have you ever participated in karaoke while the sun was setting on the Pacific behind you? There are brain games that teams can participate in, such as those in which a team must accomplish a task, using only what they are carrying on their persons.

Getting your team together to spend time deliberately not working might seem like a strange use of time until you realize how valuable it can be when people associate without the looming pressure of work hanging over their heads. Corporate cruises San Diego can help you to accomplish this because they have loads of fun ideas and activities set against the backdrop of luxury on the water. Visit a sailing charter company today to learn more about booking the perfect nautical corporate outing for tomorrow.

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