How to Find Archived Emails in Outlook?


The Microsoft Outlook program can be specified as information software through which anyone can receive and send messages, manage their contact numbers, and perform various tasks. One can also archive email messages, and there are multiple ways to do that through the archive folder, which is available to every account. The archive button here can be a valuable tool for the users to transport the messages. 

There can be various advantages to using the archive folder as through this, the users can easily find the items through the search box as well as can be readily available or accessible through the archive folder. This is where one can quickly transfer Outlook archive to new computer with the selection of important messages. By dragging these messages, one can witness the MSG files created for each file; thus, transferring these to the new device becomes easy. 

After receiving the MSG files on the new PC, the users can easily save them and drag them to the Outlook folder for the import process. After that, the Outlook program automatically imports all the selected files into the new PC.  

Exporting and Importing Data Through the Outlook Program

Various steps are followed to transfer data through the Microsoft Outlook program. First, the user has to export all the critical messages, and for that, they need to open the program and click on the tab file. From there, they must press the Info button and then go to the Options bar. From there, the user has to choose the Advanced option, as here, one can find the Export option.  

Then, the user can press the Next button and choose the Outlook Data File, which should have a .pst extension. Only one folder at a time can be exported, as the user has to select the required folder; in this case, after this, one can rename the file and choose the exact storage place.  

After this export process, the user needs to use a flash drive to transport the.pst file to the new PC. For this, launch the program on the new device and then press the File tab and choose Open & Export. After this, an Import and Export Wizard will open, from which the user should select Import from another program or file.  

Finding the Archived Emails in the Outlook

The user can find the archive folder within the folder list. From there, one can go to the View option to Folder Pane and then finally to Normal. 

  • To search Outlook messages or items, the user has to use the Search Current Mailbox option, which is located at the top of the folder list. It is from here that Outlook can search the entire mailbox of the device. 
  • If the user only wants to search within the Archive folder, one has to select it within the folder list. In the case of finding archive emails, there can be various ways one can find them. If any user has already opened a .pst file already in Outlook, one can go from the Mail View to the Archives Folder to the Navigation Pane to view the archived emails. 
  • In the case of whether the files are not in the Navigation Pane, the user needs to first open the archive folder before accessing emails; for this, one can go to the File option, then Open & Export, and then finally to the Open Outlook Data File option. Within this dialogue box, one can find and select the archived .pst file and then click the OK button to complete the procedure. 


Benefits of Using Archiving Tools

The main reason users participate in the archiving process of their important emails and items is to ensure that everything in their inboxes remains clean. All the old vital messages, in this case, thus can be saved from deletion as the user can clear up the clutter by moving them into a safe place. By storing it in another secure folder, the user can easily preserve all the essential details or messages apart from the newer ones.  

With this process, the user can never lose any important old data and manage their newer messages with much more room. The segmentation of the critical messages in another folder also gives them an excellent opportunity to access them when that is required quickly. 

Based on the above discussion, it can be concluded that there are several benefits to using the Outlook program for archiving emails or any data. The entire process of using it and finding the archived files is correctly evaluated for every user.


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