Is There a Chance to Receive NISS Really Fast?


Do you want to get NISS as soon as possible because you want to have all the rights and obligations connected with the Portuguese social security system? Well, this article is going to help you learn whether it is possible.

Answering the Main Question

So, the response to what you are interested in is possible. Be absolutely sure: there is an opportunity to get NISS quickly. But, you should be aware of several steps to take if you want this to become a reality.

The first hint to stick to is this: it is a great idea to find those who will help you do this. At this point, it is necessary to take a look at the reviews about a certain provider you want to deal with. And what if you have no idea about this at all? Then, simply investigate several at the same time and see who seems more trustworthy to you. It may require some time but if you feel confident as a result, you will be able to receive your NISS fast and without any problems. By the way, you should also be very attentive to what the main site of the intermediary looks like. It should provide a nice description of the services that you can get, the pricing, and be clear for using and working with in general.

The Process of Applying for NISS with Reliable Experts

The procedure you are about to come across has to be listed on the site. If something seems to be unclear to you, it is an awesome idea to ask about this. Do not hesitate to claim extra help: you will get it if you are facing people who are dedicated to what they are doing.

Getting NISS Portugal is not a matter that may be linked to any problems if you are doing this stuff with the assistance of an online intermediary. So, this is what the procedure will look like in most cases:

  1. You enter the website of the provider and follow the page that is dedicated to getting NISS. It may be called in a different way but normally, you will see something like “Getting a Social Security Number (NISS)”. 
  2. You carefully examine what you need to do in order to get your NISS. You are about to scan the list of documents that will be relevant for this service. The enumeration is going to include a passport and NIF. Those who do not have NIF may order this tax number at the same online spot too (not all of them are capable of providing such stuff though so it has to be checked).
  3. You get all of the documents ready (they have to be presented in the form of scans) and fill in the application that will be suggested to you. 
  4. You pay a fee and complete the verification of your identity.
  5. It is time to expect a bit and really soon, you will get your NISS! Five days, and you will be able to enjoy having it. By the way, it is hard to find someone who will help you to get NISS faster than this. It is sent in PDF format in most cases.

Certainly, you are likely to face a different sequence of actions depending on who you will be interacting with. However, what was given above is an approximate enumeration of what the procedure of getting NISS looks like if this is being done online.

The providers are eager to offer a few options of payment. But as you may guess, paying with a credit card is what is already accepted and used basically by all of them. And, it turns out to be really convenient for the clients.

Avoiding Potential Problems That You May Face

Now you know that it is really easy and quick to get NISS online. But are there any possible hardships to be aware of?

First of all, you should get the fine copies of your documents ready. It means that you need to take care of having proper scans. If they are impossible to deal with, you will have to change them for better ones. Accordingly, the time of expecting your NISS will be prolonged, and you do not want this, right?

Second, it is vital to pay enough attention to stating correct data about yourself when you are filling in the application. Again, you will have to do it all over if there are some major mistakes. 

And, here is one more aspect to remember about: the reliable experts are doing their best in order to help you really fast. And, sometimes, the process may take a bit more than expected. It may be linked to the business of the authorities. So, be patient and the best of luck!


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