1 month or more in Lisbon : where to live?


One may have many reasons to think about Lisbon to stay during one month or more. Portugal has a reasonable cost of living, and it’s blessed with an amazing climate and geography. Some are thinking to relocate to this country while renting out their properties at a higher rate in order to escape crisis in a more affordable country. Lisbon (the capital of Portugal) is a great place to be. Monthly rentals in Lisbon are affordable for your vacation, whether long-term or short-term.

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Why You Need to Live in Lisbon ?

First, Lisbon is home to more than 85 nationalities. This city is densely diversified, making it an exciting and dynamic place to live. Even foreign tourists always want to come back for more or to permanently live there.
Secondly, Lisbon reigns on top of seven hills. The mesmerizing view of this city will always keep you busy with a variety of fun activities to explore. Nice beaches also surround the outskirts of Lisbon. It’s an incredible holiday destination.
Moreover, this city is home to numerous tourist attractions. Expats also feel comfortable living in Lisbon.
Fourth, whether you need to stay in Lisbon for a month or more, you will always find a fully furnished apartment. A serviced apartment in Lisbon for your midterm stay is also affordable.
And last, in Lisbon, for the same price as you are paying for your home, you can have a much bigger apartment. For instance, monthly rental serviced apartments you can find on ukio.com are well-designed to provide you with a better quality of life. 

However, before renting any apartment there, you should know a bit more about which neighborhood would be a goof fit for you. 

Nice Neighborhoods in Lisbon to Live in 

There are many interesting neighborhoods to tour in this city, but they are not necessarily the ones that would suit you best to live in. Knowing them more before renting would help you find the right location for ab amazing stay. Below are a few of the best of them.


If you need to be in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of Lisbon, Arroios is a good choice. The restaurants and bars here are top-notch! There are several Asian restaurants in Arroios. This is a multicultural neighborhood where a lot of expat people live. Also, one remarkable thing about Lisbon’s neighborhood is its northern part; this place is very peaceful and friendly. Whether you need a luxury apartment or a serviced apartment in Lisbon, there are varieties to choose from here. This district would be perfect for young people.

Príncipe Real

Principe Real means “royal prince.” The city is known for its aura of fashion. Principe Real is the most fashionable neighborhood in Lisbon. When it comes to some of the best art galleries, restaurants, alternative shops, and bars in Lisbon, this area has them all. 

Among the areas that are most sought-after to live in, Príncipe Real ranks at the top. Here, there are various cultures – enjoy different tastes of delicious foods from all corners. Expats also cherish the city. You can comfortably walk around the city center. Property and rentals can be a bit more expensive here. But you can find a luxurious apartment in this lovely district and have a good quality of life thanks to the proximity with the park. It is a very good neighborhood to live in if you are a family.


If you are a professional, you will love Saldanha. This area in Lisbon is well known to be the best for professionals. Saldanha is in the heart of Lisbon. (americachip) It connects the Central Business District to the surrounding shopping centers. Also, the amazing cultural and residential components are not left behind.

Santo António

Also at the heart of Lisbon is Santo António. It’s a destination for the tourists, the rich and famous.  If you have a taste for class, this is the right place to live in Lisbon. If you’re looking for a luxurious apartment or serviced apartment in Lisbon, choose Santo António. Renting a luxurious apartment brings more comfort. You will find a classy fully furnished apartment that meets your needs.

Did you know that the Avenida da Liberdade in Santo António can be compared to what’s in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles? Yes, when it comes to tourism here, it’s simply high class. As a result, several major brands have opened stores in the Santo António neighborhood. 

Whether you are a tourist or a local, exploring the best of these areas will always leave a lasting impression.


Here are some of the loveliest neighborhoods in Lisbon. Santos-o-Velho is very close to BairAlto (the home of nightlife). Some of the best clubs and bars are found here. A visit to Santos-o-Velho isn’t complete without exploring Tapada das Necessidades and Jardim da Estrela. These gardens are so beautiful!

A tour of the Igreja de Santos-o-Velho is also recommended to gain a better understanding of its history. This neighborhood is might be one of the best to stay from one month up to 3 months in Lisbon.


Living in Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, might be one of the best decisions you will ever make. If you have a taste for classy and luxurious apartments, you will enjoy the fair rental prices. From Santo António to Príncipe Real, Lisbon’s neighborhoods offer either a peaceful atmosphere or a more animated one. To stay there and enjoy the city, there are a lot of apartments that come fully finished. When you know which district correspond to your lifestyle, simply choose an apartment, and it will meet your desire.


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