A brief review of the VEVOR heat press machine

heat press machine

Have you ever designed a t-shirt design and tried to make one? If so, you must have experienced how hard it is to make it without a heat press. Why? You have to ensure proper pressure and heat on your fabric and without a heat press, it is very difficult. What is a heat press machine? Basically, it’s a kind of big iron that works by a clamp mechanism. The goal is to apply the right amount of pressure and heat to a large enough flat area. This machine allows you to transfer heat to a flat surface as required. There are many heat press machines on the market but only a few are really reliable, one of which is the VEVOR heat press machine. 


You can see more detailed information on its Amazon page, but here are some highlights about this machine:

– Teflon-coated heating pad area (38 x 38 cm).

– Timer that accommodates up to 999 seconds.

– The weight of the machine is about 18 kg.

– Power required is 1200 W at 110 Volts (AC).

– Maximum heat transfer temperature is 250.


The design is quite simple but elegant. The bottom plate is a kind of solid metal platform with a heat-resistant cushion made of silica gel. The goal is to absorb as much heat as possible and make pressure equalization easier. While the top plate is used to transfer heat to the work area.

You’ll find some kind of knob positioned above the top plate. This knob can be adjusted to adjust the pressure. The adjustments are pretty easy and you’ll be “getting the hang of it” in just a minute or two.

How about the clamp arm? 

It can be easily squeezed with light to moderate pressure but if you want to apply maximum pressure you may have to work your muscles. 


You can freely adjust the temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa. To turn the machine on and off, you can see the power button on the bottom side of the main screen. 

Optimum heat transfer 

We have carried out tests on this heat press and found it to be very accommodating to different heat transfer materials. But if we may suggest, you can use ready-made vinyl transfers which can be easily purchased in the market. For design cutting, you can use a special cutting machine, of course by first mirroring the design onto the vinyl. Is your design ready? Now start the engine and set it to your desired temperature. Also, set a timer to determine how long the heat transfer will last. Be careful with the setup as you might damage your work area. Each material has different characteristics and therefore the heat treatment of each of them cannot be equated. 

Overall, this machine is easy to operate and very effective in transferring heat evenly. For your info, now VEVOR gives big promotion for this heat press, use the code 34B09RZRC7D7 to grab it for only $105.59 ! The promotion is valid till November 21.

Go get it quickly, link is here. Hopefully, this short review was useful for you. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!



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