9 Ways to Start a Conversation with a Shy Client


Aside from getting a client, customer, or partner, business is about building connections and strengthening relationships. But no individual is the same; you may encounter people who are introverted or extremely shy. Clients are no exception to this since we all have different personalities and upbringings. Connecting and starting a conversation with less sociable clients may seem hard. But there are many ways to let them open up to you. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Start a Conversation with a Shy Client

In most businesses, relationships with clients are the bread and butter for them. But of course, not all clients can socialize, especially with new acquaintances. You must be both sensitive and careful in approaching those clients. Here are some ways you can try to start a conversation with a shy client:

1. Ask simple questions or basic information

Small talks and long conversations usually start when asking a question. Remove their anxiousness by asking for information about them. Asking a simple question can start a conversation and build rapport with a less-sociable person. 

If you’re in an event, you can ask questions like, “Do you know who’s the next speaker?” or “Are you enjoying the event?” 

You can also ask them questions unrelated to their work, business, or event. This can help you know their interests, which can eventually lead to further topics they are willing to discuss. 

2. Praise What They Did or Compliment Their Attire and Looks

If they happen to answer a question on the stage in an event despite being an introvert, give them a nice compliment about it. Or maybe you know them in their profession, about their latest update or successful campaigns. 

This way, you can let them know you are paying attention to them. A compliment to their attire or look at a gathering can flatter them and even become a conversation starter. 

2. Flatter Them by Repeating Their Name and Showing Excitement

Being called by your first name feels like the person is paying attention to you. This is also a way to be personal and make them feel heard. Also, show your excitement to help a shy person feel belong. You can tell them that you’re excited to talk with them even before the event or meeting starts. But also tell the truth and avoid saying things you don’t mean. 

3. Ask About Their Interests

One way to make them give information is to ask them about the things they enjoy doing or are interested in. You can also help them open up about their passions, hobbies, or favorite movies. Approach these topics in a positive and friendly way. 

It will also help you be more observant about the person, like if they like taking pictures and bringing a camera with them.

7. Say Something About the Weather, Event, or Venue

People usually use common and safe topics when starting a conversation, especially less confident individuals. Since the weather is typically a normal thing that affects people, you can use it to approach them. For example, “such a nice day, right?” or say, “rain’s pouring hard today.”

You can also comment on what happened to the event or venue you both attended. Ask them if they enjoy the event during breaks or after it.

5. Ask About Their Work or Business

Many people like to talk about their jobs as it gives them self-confidence that they have something to be proud of. If you are still getting familiar with the job title or company, or industry they mentioned, ask them about it. Knowing this can tell you more about their actions while having a good topic to start from. 

6. Talk in Their Language

Using a client’s language can help you have an interesting impression of them. This can also be why they are shy or talk less with other people. Generally, this doesn’t just apply to learning basic “hello” in their language if you’re at an international event.

You can also use this after asking about their work or business or if they are an athlete. Using terms they often use in their environment builds a connection with them. They may be more interested in talking with someone also interested in what they do.

7. Offer Help

Since they are more likely not to ask anyone, take the initiative to pitch the things you can help them with. Ignition can help you focus on building a relationship with clients and offer them help, even just a small act.

Offering something can also make them more comfortable talking to you. Bring some free items you can offer them, like a pen, candy, or a cup of coffee. This can grow your relationship from an acquaintance until you send them a proposal.

8. Ask About Their Plans

Being interested in their plans can build a great relationship with a client. Try asking, “are you joining this week’s gathering?” can start a conversation with them.

This can also be a way to approach them again the next time you meet them. Since you already build trust with them, it will be easy for you to talk to them again. Even though they are shy, they want to talk with someone they have already met and connected with.

9. Ask About Their Opinions

Even on the knowledge, many people, including introverts, are willing to share their ideas about a topic. This way, you can show that you value their say and are interested in what they know, especially if they are known in an industry. But remember to refer to related topics that you both can relate to.


There are many ways to connect with your potential clients, even if they are less confident. You can still connect with them by asking interesting questions and genuinely interested in them. But also don’t forget to be sensitive and patient while they warm up to you. They will eventually open up to you when you show interest.


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