Signs You Require Basement Waterproofing Toronto


Most homeowners experience the challenge of flooded basements, especially during the winter. The moisture or water accumulation in the basement is due to too much rain, snow, or ice. Leaking basements result in an uncomfortable home as they cause musty odors. Various signs will show you require basement waterproofing Toronto.

When the winter season approaches, you need to get your basement waterproofed to avoid dealing with high humidity in the house during this cold season. Below are some reasons why you require basement waterproofing Toronto as soon as possible.

1.Hydrostatic Pressure

This can be explained as the pressure caused by the groundwater on your foundation walls. This pressure results in the cracking of foundation walls which leads to leakages, and hence the groundwater find its way into your basement.

If there happens to be hydrostatic pressure in the soil near your foundation wall, chances are you will notice cracks that are allowing water into your basement. In these cases, you will require waterproofing basement Toronto services to avoid dealing with a flooded basement in the long run.

2.The Type Of Soil

If the soil surrounding your house is the kind that holds a lot of water during the rainy season, you can be guaranteed of a chance of water leakages into the inside, and this means you will require basement waterproofing.

The soil plays a very key role when it comes to water drainage. If the soil has poor drainage, the water will be trapped for a long time. This gives it time to find its way onto the house’s foundation walls, and when the wall can’t hold much more water, it cracks.

If the soil around your house has poor drainage, it is advisable to have the surrounding area filled with dirt and use stone as a topping. This creates better drainage for water that falls in this area; therefore, only a little water gets trapped to find its way into your house.

3.Improper Slope Around Your Home

The soil slope near your home should always be towards the direction of your home. This is important because if the slope faces your home, water might find its way inside.

A lot of water near your foundation leads to moisture build-up, which causes the formation of molds. Molds are dangerous as they make your house look ugly and affect the air quality.

If you realize mold growth on the foundation walls, it may be because of trapped moisture on the wall. You should immediately contact waterproofing basement Toronto for their services.

4.Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a common cause of water leaks. Instead of dealing with the consequences of flooded basements from leakages, you should unclog your drains and ensure you maintain them properly in the future. This will save you the cost of basement waterproofing Toronto.

Clogged drains cause leakages in that the water goes back up and eventually finds its way into your house. These clogs happen not only on the drains but also on any other pipes in your home.

You should always avoid clogged pipes and drains as much as possible through convenient maintenance. This minimizes the chances of leaking drains, keeping water away from your basement.

5.Detection Of Leaks

Water has pressure, and as long as it passes near your home, it may exert pressure on the walls and eventually make them crack. These cracks are the major causes of leakages that may cause basement flooding.

Detecting a leak on the wall is very easy as, in most cases, if water has found its way through the walls is likely to leave visible stains. There are also other signs of leaks other than water stains, such as molds and rust stains.

6.Cracks On The Basement Floor

If the area beneath your house has a lot of groundwater, it may exert pressure on the basement floor, resulting in cracking. Other causes of cracks on the basement floor include earthquakes and storms. 

No matter the cause of a cracked basement floor, the results are that it gives water a path into the house, and you should consider basement waterproofing Toronto to avoid further damage.


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