The First Search Comparison Website For Cigars


The First Search Comparison Website For Cigars

If you’re a cigar aficionado and have found yourself spending more time than you care to search for your favorite stogies, then you’re in luck. makes shopping for tobacco-related products more convenient than ever. It also helps you get the best prices from their collection of online retailers by compiling identical products on their results pages.  Read on to learn more about this cigar search engine, its advantages, what it offers, and how it helps customers and retailers.  

What is Cigar Finder? 

Cigar finder was birthed following the height of the pandemic when supply chain issues made it challenging to purchase cigars. It’s an online portal where you can easily find your favorite cigars (and other tobacco-related products) and compare cigar prices online.  The niche search engine gathers information from online retailers, allowing you to look for your favorite products at the best prices. Apart from cigars, you can search for tobacco, e-cigarettes, and accessories, such as cutters, lighters, and humidors.   

Like search engines, Cigar Finder crawls online stores to fetch product data. The system ensures that identical products from different retailers are displayed on the results page, making it easier for users to compare prices.  

Benefits of using cigar finder 

You may not get the firsthand experience of lounging in a luxurious cigar shop, but as a user-friendly cigar search engine, there are key benefits of utilizing the service.  

  • For consumers 

With Cigar Finder, you no longer need to scour the internet to find the best deals available. You get one portal that does the research leg work for you, providing you the ease of just searching and comparing. When you finally find the items you’re looking for, you’ll also obtain relevant information like availability and reviews—all in one place.    

Moreover, Cigar Finder provides an excellent filter feature that allows you to narrow down search results by cigar brand, strengths, country of origin, shape, size, and price, among other considerations. This function lets you get highly specific with your searches and choose from a bevy of online retailers that have partnered up with Cigar Finder. When you click an item you like, you’ll be redirected to the retailer’s website.  

Cigar Finder registered users can even create personalized collections of their desired products. This wish list makes it easier to return to products they’re interested in. In addition, it enables Cigar Finder make more informed recommendations in the future.  

  • For brands 

The more users Cigar Finder attracts, the more traffic goes to retailers’ websites. Retailers benefit from Cigar Finder’s compilation of product reviews as well, which provide social proof to prospective customers. Meanwhile, Cigar Finder’s advertising solutions place your brand and products in front of the very people who are already looking for them.  

When it comes to the platform, advertisers can benefit from their 30-day cookies, monthly newsletter, promotional calendar, and exclusive coupon codes. These are all presented in a responsive web design optimized for different devices and screen sizes. Overall, Cigar Finder offers a specialized space for retailers during this challenging economic climate filled with supply chain issues.  

Other Cigar Finder advantages 

As a specialized cigar search engine, Cigar Finder allows you to do the following:

  • Sorting products by ratings
  • Comparing prices before tax and shipping costs
  • Finding online deals and coupons (these are ranked based on users’ search terms and related activity)
  • Purchasing directly from retailers

How to use Cigar Finder 

Cigar Finder is as simple and intuitive to use as any e-commerce website. For example, if you search for ‘Arturo Fuente’ or ‘Monte Cristo,’ all relevant products from partner retailers and advertisers are displayed. You can then narrow down the results further by using the filters for different product elements. This will bring you to product listings from various online retailers.  

Once you find your desired product, you can view the product description, reviews, and other information. Then when you click the ‘Shop Now’ button, you’ll be redirected to the chosen retailer to complete your purchase. After receiving a confirmation email, you can just sit tight and wait for the product to arrive. (   

Final words 

If you’re an enthusiast, you’d surely appreciate having one portal as a go-to resource for all your interest-related needs. And when it comes to cigars and other related products (such as fashionable cigar cases), Cigar Finder presents a unique, double-edged value proposition. For customers, it makes it more convenient to find the best available prices. As for retailers, it puts their store right in front of people looking for their products.  

The first search comparison website for cigars appears to be scratching the surface of its potential. With more users and retailers hopping on the bandwagon, the possibilities for additional features increase, making it a win for everyone involved.  



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