What Your Makeup Look Says About You


As women, we place careful consideration into our looks. The style and color of our hair. How we do our nails. The outfits we wear and what statement we’re trying to make with the clothes that we put together. And, of course, how we apply our makeup. All of these details are choices that we make to accumulate and define our personality. And what we want to say to the world, without actually saying anything at all.

When it comes to makeup, every brush stroke and color counts. Where we choose to get our makeup is even a conscious decision that says something about our personality. Do you go simple at the local convenience stores like CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart? Or do you level up by heading to big-name stores such as Sephora, Blue Mercury, or Mac? The price point can be the point, much of the time. And even the lack of makeup is a statement in itself. (moneypip.com) There’s a reason that an entire industry was created to cater to individuals who love to wear, and repeatedly wear, makeup.

So whether or not you realize it, the look on your face tells a story (beyond the facial expressions that you portray). Are you ready? Let’s have some fun with your choices and dive into what your makeup look says about you.

Being makeup free: You don’t care what others think

The choice to go without any makeup at all is an active choice. It says that you’re confident in who you are, as you are, and you don’t need the approval of others. You’re the same person from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, and throughout the day, and you are fully satisfied with the person that looks back at you in the mirror. You’re proud of the way you look and don’t listen to society when it says that dark spots, wrinkles, pimples, or anything else are a flaw. You own the skin you’re in!

Hardly noticeable: You have secrets to keep

If you apply makeup that’s barely noticeable to others, but perhaps only to you, it reveals more than you think. This makeup look says that you’re confident in who you are, and perhaps you don’t even mind sharing intimate details about your life, but you still have some secrets to keep. The choice to stick to a look as close to natural as possible means you’re not as easy to read as others think, but you let them think that you are.

Lash extensions: You keep people at arms length

Talk about a makeup look that looks as natural as it gets. Lash extensions, whether done at a salon or through an eyelash extension kit, are bold and flirty. But because they can’t be paired with other eyeliner or mascara, the statement is a big one. This makeup look says that you can easily lure people in with your charm but they will never truly know what you’re thinking. Because an eyelash extension kit is meant to go off of your existing eyelashes, rather than on top of them like false lashes, it’s symbolic that you like to keep people at arm’s length. Yet, still close enough to where you want them.

Bold colored lipstick: You’re the queen of conversation 

As the saying goes, go bold or go home. If you gravitate towards bold lips—deep reds, purples, browns, blues, and all the deep, bold hues in between—then you’re someone who loves to make an entrance. You’re the life of the party. The queen of conversation. But once that attention fades away from you and onto someone else watch out, you’ll be back for more. This bold statement means that you want all eyes on you.

Glossy lips: You’re patient 

If a boldly colored matte lipstick isn’t for you, you probably enjoy more of a glossy lip look. And this look can be just as revealing as that bold lipstick. Glossy lips reveal more innocence and purity. You don’t mind being the person that listens more than you speak, but when you do speak you have important things to say. You might be patient and have a knack for being the quiet one in the room but that makes you all the more interesting.

Cat eyes: You have an eye for precision 

Do you love the look of a smooth, precise line that sweeps across your eyes? Then you’re someone who likes to pay close attention to details. Whether it be the details of your look or the details in your work, you have an eye for precision and cat eyes reveal that most. You can be carefree when you want to be, but you’d much prefer to stick to hard lines and get things done. 

Lots of eyeshadow: You’re the social butterfly 

The social butterfly loves to wear all the colors of the rainbow, and it shows right from the start. If you love to layer your colors and wear lots of eyeshadow then there’s no doubt you have no trouble making friends. You can be alone or in a group and still feel confident enough to talk to anyone. 

Contours: You have a knack for creativity

It takes certain creativity to be able to pull off contoured lines. So, if you love to apply contoured lines to your makeup look, then you’re definitely the creative type. From what you wear to the job you do every day, you likely know what it takes to create something from nothing and beautify the world around you.


Sometimes it’s fun to have your makeup do all of the talking—and reveal bits and pieces about yourself a little at a time. As you rock your outfit and play around with your makeup look, test out others’ looks based on your mood. You never know what you’ll want to say today.


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