9 Gifts for the Athletes in Your Life


We all have athletic aspirations, whether it’s to set triathlon records or simply to get off the couch to hit the gym twice a week. 

The point is that everyone has an athlete inside, waiting to be unleashed by the right gear at the right time.

Therefore, gifts for athletes are more universal than you might think, from free weights to compression socks and much more. Here are nine gifts that will inspire, motivate, and make athletics more enjoyable for all. 

1. Essential Exercise Mat

What better way to kick off the holidays than with an all-encompassing mat for home exercise equipment and stretch sessions? Some call them yoga mats, but they’re so much more, and come in a vast range of custom themes and colors.

The best mats are durable and built to last for years to come, so this is one gift that will be appreciated for the long haul. 

2. Resistance Band Sets

The magic of resistance bands lies in the versatility of this simple tool. With a set of bands ranging in length and strength, you can build muscle, lose weight, and limber up in the comfort of your own home. 

Bands are also affordable and come in many colors, making for an ideal gift across the board. From athletes to casuals, everyone needs a solid set of bands.

3. High-Quality Hydration

It’s clear that many of us are chronically dehydrated, but how do you give the gift of hydration to those who need it most? For starters, you can give magnesium and electrolyte supplements in capsule form, but tasty drink powders are more enjoyable for the average gym goer.

Check out the latest research on hydration science and see why it’s such an important factor in performance and overall health. 

4. Food to Fuel the Fun

Perhaps the most universal gift of all is food, and today’s logistics make it easier than ever to give the gift of quality, performance-based nutrition. 

You can’t beat a set of protein bars or a mixed basket of various pre-workout powders for the serious weightlifters in your life, since they’re always looking to maximize gains in the gym.

For those who don’t subject themselves to squat-rack punishment, try sending some classic grass-fed cuts of beef, pork, or farm-raised chicken. For those who live nearby, seasonal produce is always a hit. Cold weather means winter squash and other hearty favorites that offer ideal sustenance for training. 

5. Foam Rollers for Recovery

If you haven’t yet tried foam rolling, you’re missing out on a gem. Myofascial release is the key word here, and it works wonders for boosting recovery and relieving muscle tension.

No, it’s not the most comfortable experience in the world, especially at first. The process involves rolling muscles across a hard foam surface to directly stimulate and loosen muscles. 

This is a gift for more serious trainers, but they will surely appreciate the gesture.

6. Digital Subscription Services

We all need a boost of motivation to train from time to time, and subscription programs help us get off the couch and in motion with guided workouts.

These programs are a throwback to the 90s with group aerobics, dance routines, and martial arts. They definitely burn calories and add a fun factor that the gym doesn’t offer.

7. Superior Compression Socks

Notice how more pro athletes are wearing compression gear on the court, the field, and during strenuous training. Research shows that compression socks keep blood and lymph flowing throughout the body, whether we’re pushing the limits of endurance or just stretching casually.

Thankfully, today’s compression socks are stylish and comfy, making them a great gift for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and activity levels. 

8. Excellent Athleisure Gear

We’re decades into the athleisure trend with no signs of slowing down. Each year the shoes get cooler, the fabrics comfier, and the bar is set higher for originality. 

If you’ve got an athleisure lover in your life, the holidays are the time to flex with a flashy, fun gift for their wardrobe. Check out the latest offerings from the top brands or support up-and-coming creators by buying the latest merch drop through Instagram.

9. Personal Trainer Sessions

A bit of accountability and advice can go a long way toward achieving fitness goals. That’s why just one or two personal trainer sessions can be so valuable in getting to the next level.

Maybe you have a bodybuilder friend who wants to get in shape for a show, or a marathoner who needs advice on their stride. Personal training sessions are highly personalized and thoughtful, based on what you know about the individual and their aspirations. 

Athletic Gifts They’ll Love

If you can give a gift that gets them off the sofa and into fitness mode, your work is done! These selections will inspire anybody to be their best selves this new year. 


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