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Roulette is More Than Just a Simple Game

The game that is present in every gambling location and on every virtual gambling platform, roulette is definitely one of the most popular choices in the casino’s world. With a history that goes way back to ancient Rome, the details for its origins are not really clear. For many, the game is considered to be based on a version of a Chinese board-game. And only after it was introduced to Europeans, all the changes formed the first version of roulette.

In the ancient Rome and Greek cultures, supposably the soldiers were using their shields as a roulette table. Symbols were drawn on the metallic equipment used for protection, an arrow would be set next to the shield. The bets were going on which symbol will be the one indicated by the arrow after spinning the shield.

The actual name of the game is of French origin, roulette became very popular in Europe starting from the 17th century, even though gambling was not yet legal then. There was more than one version of the game ever since that period, and it even had more names, Roly-Poly or Even-Odd, but the structure was the same.

Later on, in the 18th century, many European countries changed their laws regarding placing bets to even more restrictive ones, which gave the opportunity to Monaco to open some gambling venues. The game was very fashionable to the upper class and royalty. The version of roulette that was played in the Monaco period is the one that is the closest to the current version.

Roulette is still considered as being the most elegant casino game and it was branched in many possible variations of playing. The most famous one for online casinos is the European Roulette, but also the American Roulette is very much played. Lower in the charts of preferences there are the French Roulette, Mini Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette, Live Dealer Roulette and many more.

For many online casinos’ players, the bonuses represent the decisive detail. Bonuses and rewards are able to keep the user’s loyalty and interest. This is one of the reasons many platforms offer generous incentives and for roulette one of the best bonus types is free spins no deposit win real money. Hopefully this bonus will bring you luck and you will enjoy a great roulette session.

Surprising Versions of Online Roulette

The game is so popular that it was developed in so many forms, that some of them are not known by the majority of players. One of them is Lucky Star – the game has an Oriental influence, the board is star-shaped and the displayed numbers are 0 – 8. All the other rules are just the same as in the American Roulette, the players can bet on the numbers already specified, on the colors red, black or green. Or even try a more complex scheme of betting.

One more example for an unconventional version is Pinball Roulette. The big hit of the 80’s and the charm of roulette all together. You’ll have the betting table of roulette on one side of the display, holding all the possible options from a classic board. And the other side of the display will allow you to start and control the Pinball, after you have already placed the bets.

For those that are interested in playing a game that is more technology-detailed, they can pick 3D Roulette or Multi Wheel Roulette. These have impressive graphics and animations, offering a very fulfilling experience.

And for the fans of themes, roulette has many options as well. You can choose from movie based, like the Marvel Universe, music themed or action and adventure. These details will bring out even more fun while playing roulette, making the users appreciate it even more.

Playing Roulette Online 

The giant progress of online casinos, made it possible for a large number of people to enjoy gambling when and where it is most comfortable for them. The players get to experience roulette with so many benefits as well, no more waiting time, the chance to actually focus on the game and not be perturbed by other factors that are likely to be found in a land-based casino.

The online game is based on automatization, this meaning that the player does not have to pay attention to the croupier or the chips sweeping stage. Unless you are interested in playing the Live Dealer version, in which a real person will handle all the details just like in any traditional gambling venue.

Every casino that is a licensed one is safe for play, as platforms invest regularly in strong protocols for all the aspects, your personal information and the authenticity of the games not being rigged. And more than this, the users get to benefit from information on odds, return to player rates or house edge. The data can be searched by type of game and also by casino’s name, as for each one there will be different numbers.

The version that is considered to have the best RTP is the European Roulette. This is also why it is no.1 in types of roulette styles. The difference between the European and the American style is the 00-socket available in the last one. This single socket is able to modify the house edge, to raise it, and to lower the possibilities when betting on colors or even-odds numbers. These bets will no longer benefit from 50-50 chances.

Roulette is a game of luck, but this does not eliminate completely the effect of strategies that can be included. Many players love it just for the charm it has, but there are also those that enjoy playing roulette based on the Martingale system or the Fibonacci. There are many details available on a simple search, and for sure they will become very helpful.

The game is still one of the top picks in a casino, even more so with the options offered by the virtual casinos. Have fun experiencing a lively, exciting game!


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