Self-storage is one of the most useful facilities we have. It helps in decluttering our home orifice and even when we are moving out or downsizing our business. But most often we make some mistakes while looking for a unit and today, we are going to talk about that. Here are some common mistakes that you need to avoid when selecting a self-storage unit. Let’s get into it.


Underestimating Storage Space


You should not be underestimating the storage space for your items. Try to be judicious if not forgiving while estimating the size of the storage unit. If you underestimate storage space then you can have problems later while trying to store the items.


You have to cram them in and then there will be no space to navigate the unit. Every time you need something you have to take everything out. Have enough space so that you can organize everything and make it easy to access the unit. You can find units of different sizes in self storage companies in Angola Indiana.


Packing Things Haphazardly


Another mistake that many of us often make is that we rush into packing things. We just want to get it over with. Packing is not an interesting activity but if you rush into it, you won’t be efficient enough. 


It will take more time to get the things completed as you will be cramming them into boxes and then when you can fit everything you have to backtrack. 


So, it is better to be calm from the beginning and think about how you would pack everything. It might seem to take more time but it will save much more time later on.


Not Planning Ahead


Planning ahead is important. You should aim to store things as efficiently as possible. Not planning can actually cause you problems down the line when things will be missing and you won’t know where you stored them. 


So, while packing items keep a note of where you kept all items. This plan can be quite useful later on when you need to retrieve the stuff you stored. Also, keep labels handy so that you can label the boxes. 


For example, you can label a box as kitchen utensils or gardening equipment as you see fit. Planning ahead will help you avoid so many pitfalls. You should plan even when you are storing inside the unit which brings us to the next mistake.


Not Organizing While Storing


If you are renting from the top self storage companies you should get good units that are appropriately sized as listed. If you have estimated the size of the unit correctly you should be able to fit everything in. 


But that does not mean you will just stack boxes randomly and throw in other items and close the door. Organize everything. Things you will be needing more often should be in front. 


Depending on the priority things should be organized. It is crucial to keep some space in the middle to access the unit correctly. It will be a nightmare to have to bring everything out while trying to find the item you are looking for. Best self storage companies have staff to help you. So, ask them for help while organizing the unit.


Going for The Cheapest Option


It is not always the best idea to choose the cheapest storage unit. If you pick the largest self storage companies in US or the top self storage companies then you might not get the cheapest option but you will get better quality. 


The latter is what you should care about if you want to use the items you are looking to store. Cheap units might be good for the short term but if you are in for the long haul you need quality units. 


These units have temperature control that keeps changes in temperature and humidity at bay. This can keep furniture, documents, and electronics in good condition. Not only that, a good facility will have good security. You need that to keep your belongings safe.


Utilizing Vertical Space Non-optimally


We talked a bit about organizing the items in the unit correctly. This one is an addition to that. If you want to store items in the unit you have to maximize the utility of the space. So, think about how you are going to store everything. Furniture can often be dismantled and stored. 


Beds, sofas and mattresses can be stored vertically. Boxes can be stacked. Try to keep the boxes you will need more often close. The idea is to use the entire volume of the unit and not just the floor.


Know the Access Time


When you are opting for a storage facility, always know all the rules. Do they have good security, what is their access time etc? You need to know these things. Many facilities have restrictive access times and if you need something urgently and the facility is not open then it might not be good. So, pick a unit close to your home or on the route you take regularly and ensure that the access time is flexible enough for you. 




So, these were some of the common mistakes that we make while renting storage units. Self storage in USA is quite popular and you will find many facilities out there. We recommend choosing the one that has the most features that will keep your items safe. This list was meant to serve as a guide on how to select a good facility to store your possessions. We hope you found some useful info here.


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