8 questions to ask your roofer before starting your roofing project


If your home’s shingles are cracked, curled, damaged, exposed to nails, have problems with the roof vents, or leaks, you need assistance with your lovely home. Even though replacing a roof initially may seem intimidating, but don’t panic. Roofs symbolize the home, providing security from the outside world and shelter from the elements; selecting the best roofing contractor, like Ninja Roofs, is crucial. But before entering into a contract, how can you be sure that you choose wisely? After all, repairing a roof has a lot of potential for error, leading to more problems later.

The best course of action is to arrange a conversation with the contractor to learn more about their skill set, working methods, and promised deliverables. Most homeowners know the standard inquiries to make of a roofing company they are considering, such as their working experience and references. However, putting in a roof is a difficult task. Therefore, selecting a skilled roofer knowledgeable in their field is crucial. Then, before agreeing to a roof replacement or repair contract, ask the questions below.

Questions to ask while hiring a roofer

1.Are you licensed?

It is nearly always the opening query. Do you know why? Because it is one’s expertise and accurate proof. Anyone can declare themselves a roofer, and if they refuse to disclose their credentials, you can assume they are a scam. In some states, a license is also necessary for a roofing contractor to work, albeit the requirements vary depending on the state or government. The license will act as your legal obligation if something goes wrong with the project.

2.What sort of work do you perform?

It is one of the crucial questions to be sure the roofing contractor you select is a specialist in roofing. The first and most vital barrier against moisture, mold and mildew in your house is its roof. Therefore, you should hire someone other than a general contractor to install a new roof. In addition, a roofing installation company’s knowledge of exterior home upgrades needs to be revised to ensure that they have the in-depth information necessary to install your new roof professionally.

3.Do you have a different phone number or physical address from the one I used to reach you?

Unfortunately, there are lots of shady contractors. Verify the office address of the roofer who came to your house and phone that office to see if the person you speak to is affiliated with the business or if you have any doubts about their legal right to be there. Even worse, if the roofer arrives from a distant city, it will be challenging to track him down if something goes wrong with the job.

4.Which kinds of warranties do you provide?

You need at least one warranty to protect your investment. It may cover the cost of the supplies, the labour, or both may be in the warranties. Find out what guarantees the contractor offers and whether a manufacturer’s warranty covers the roofing materials. Ask about the duration of these warranties. For instance, you should anticipate receiving a manufacturer’s warranty on brand-new shingles that is at least 25 years long.

5.Can you fulfil my exact requirements?

While all roofs may have a similar appearance, each has unique qualities. Consequently, each roof requires a special project strategy. To discuss your needs and determine whether your demands are feasible, roofing firms will send an expert to your home. They will review everything and recommend the best action to fulfil your needs while upholding safety and quality standards. Be open to their suggestions to create a win-win outcome and quick, high-quality service.

6.Do you offer written estimates?

Ask about written estimates to avoid any expensive surprises. The contractor must offer a documented estimate for labour, supplies, and any additional costs. By documenting any damage with photos, noting the dimensions of your roof, and keeping track of the project’s materials, you can make this estimate more accurate.

7.How will you safeguard my lawn while you’re working on it?

Your lawn and outdoor landscaping should resemble the ones before the roofing project. Find out from your expert what precautions they take to prevent lawn damage. For example, some contractors impose necessary foot traffic patterns to prevent workers from stepping on your bushes or making ruts in your yard. Others ensure that large machinery is set down on the sidewalk rather than the grass.

Ask your roofer what steps they take to prevent leaving behind construction-related waste that could endanger children or animals. For example, many roofers use a heavy-duty magnet to pick up any nails on the floor around the house.

8.Who can I get in touch with if I have questions?

The roofing business should provide both a physical address and a phone number. In addition, they ought to have staff members at their office who can take calls and connect callers with the appropriate member of the team. It’s a problem if they don’t have a physical address or phone number. Additionally, it guarantees that the business is nearby, enabling it to handle issues as they come up.

Wrapping up

Finally, remember that only some roofers are made equal when searching for one. You can get a high-quality roof by asking the above questions to a roofing business. However, you’ll need further research beforehand to identify the right companies to contact with these inquiries.

Start by reading internet reviews of the business. Then, consider whether the company tried to address the problems raised in the bad reviews, if there are any. Next, call a roofing firm as soon as you’re prepared. Take note of their customer service prowess and interest in you during this first point of contact. A top-notch roofing business should have amiable staff members eager to address your inquiries carefully.

Additionally, they should be open to explaining their procedures and the roofing process itself. You should also request quotes and be wary of roofing firms that promise you a price significantly less. This cheap cost can be caused by the roofing company’s need for a license, bond, or insurance. Choosing a roofing firm without these credentials could risk your finances and safety in an accident.


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