4 Tips to Run a Bar Successfully

Run a Bar

Managing a bar is very different from running a restaurant. Not only can you suddenly experience an influx of consumers, but you also have to be careful how you serve for the night. You need expert bartenders to help you while looking after your bar. Bars can get crowded fast, and until your consumers get their desired beverage immediately, you risk making them angry. 

Similarly, you need to keep tabs on how much alcohol gets consumed per night, what customers are behind payments, and, if there’s a drunken brawl in your joint, how you will break up these fights. Needless to say, as you work in a busy business like a bar, you have to be ready for anything that comes your way, and here’s how you do this:

  1. Ensure Your Staff Is Trained

Bartending is a skill that extends beyond pouring a drink. When your employee is at the bar serving consumers, there are numerous factors they need to look out for. These include checking for identification, ensuring the client can legally drink alcohol, and helping them with the right beverage. At the same time, your bartender needs to know how to clean the bar, wipe down glasses, and clear empty bottles. 

Consequently, this job requires immense multi-tasking, and it would serve your employee’s best interest if they are prepared for it. You can encourage them to get their RBS certification to acquire the skills they need to be an expert bartender and look after alcoholic beverages according to state laws. Part of this training also includes dealing with drunk and demanding consumers. Ensure you check in with your customers and get their feedback about the service. Listen to any complaints they have, and if your employee feels uncomfortable serving drunk people, consider giving them another job around the bar. 

2. Stock Up On Quality Goods

You will need to ensure that you have enough alcohol that can last you through the week without running out between services. As a bar owner, go over the number of empty bottles and track down the days you get numerous clients to make adequate arrangements. It keeps you on the safe side and prevents you from running out of alcohol the minute the service is halfway in. Your selection of beverages should include all the drinks your consumers like and any new beverages you plan on introducing. When you keep your guests happy and entertained with their favorite liquor, they’ll willingly indulge in the new drinks you want to add to the menu and give you feedback. 

From there, you can decide whether you want new items on the menu or would instead stick with the old ones. As soon as a fresh shipment of your drinks arrives, organize them right away. If you prolong the process of putting away your liquor, you’ll end up forgetting about these bottles in the storage and fumble when you’re at peak rush hour. Refilling your bar is also a great way to restock the items you need to serve drinks. These include glasses, napkins, olives, garnishes, and a utensil for pouring the drinks. It will help to organize your storage and educate your bartenders on where everything is kept to prevent last-minute confusion and chaos. 

3. Throw Events

Your patrons need entertainment as they come by for their weekend or weekday nights. No one wants to visit a bar that doesn’t provide other activities and is only suitable for drinking with no added layer of fun. Therefore, you must push for an inclusive environment by hosting a series of events. These can be elaborate screening football matches and offering discounts during the super bowl. You can also look into simple and easy activities like karaoke and charades for those of your consumers who prefer a relaxed night. In addition, open your bar to various corporate events and celebrations like bachelor parties. It extends your outreach and helps you attract a broader consumer base. 

Try to host happy hours and offer a discount on weekends so that a steady flow of consumers always finds a reason to come to your bar. Look into training your bartenders about concepts like upselling. It is a marketing tactic in which your bartender will encourage the customer to try a new drink or a combination of drinks that your employees feel the customer will enjoy and create for them. Finally, never hold back advertising discounts, events, and weekend get-togethers you may have at your bar to attract the attention of all types of consumers, which will boost your sales.

4. Understand That You Are Liable

Looking after a bar is not an easy job. Your state will hold you accountable for the way you manage and handle alcoholic beverages. You will be shut down immediately if you have too many health code violations and an unsanitary establishment. However, you should have no trouble running your bar as long as you remember that you’re liable and can get sued for having a filthy bar, serving minors, and operating without a valid license. So once the night is over, meet with your employees and discuss what areas of your management need more attention. 

The bar should regularly be wiped down and cleaned while the glasses need to get sterilized. It is the bare minimum that goes into owning a bar. And if you can’t go this far for your business, you’ll find it hard to compete with other bars and lose your clients to them.

Final Thoughts

Owning a bar can be an exciting experience. If you’re an alcohol enthusiast and enjoy sharing your love for the drink while creating new beverages for your customers to try, you’ll have no trouble succeeding. However, other factors go into looking after your bar business. For example, you need to ensure that the bartenders you employ are aware of the state laws, have the training to work with consumers, and can keep up with the fast-paced environment. 

Don’t forget to stock up on the drinks you’ll need while focusing on those beverages that are popular among your consumers. You can also hold various events and celebrations at your bar to expand your consumer base. Lastly, understand if you’re in the alcohol business, you’re responsible for the health and well-being of your consumers. So, you can’t compromise on the standards you provide.



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