New Trends in Flooring


Most design trends are dictated by magazines, interior designers, home renovation shows and online influencers; however, economic trends can also impact the materials homeowners choose to install. Wood has become very expensive over the past few years with the rise in tariffs and inflation. Homeowners are now installing tile more frequently because they can achieve the look of wood with tile. There are many different designs to choose from varying from a mahogany look to bleached wood to parquet.

Another economic factor to consider is that it is more difficult to afford a homeowner loan now that the rates have exceeded 8%. Homeowners are more likely to choose less expensive projects that they can afford with cash or comfortably put on a credit card.

If you are planning to move and you need to redo your floors, you are more likely to choose tile than carpet because new homeowners frequently rip carpet out. Simply changing a floor can completely transform a room.

We are also seeing busy prints show up in tiles often featured above the stove in the kitchen, as the backsplash for a bar, or in the shower.

If you know how to do tile yourself, you can easily save few hundred to thousands of dollars on installation labor costs. Most homeowners are looking for modern designs. You will find that the new homes all feature grey colored or wood-look tile.

The benefit of choosing wood look tile instead of real wood is that it can manage high traffic which is especially helpful in areas like hallways and kitchens. You will also find that wood tile comes in a wide variety of textures to make them look realistic. Normally you would not install wood floor in a kitchen because it would become quickly scuffed up. It can also become stained from things like red wine and tomato sauce. Porcelain tile is especially durable and preferred for high traffic areas. And you certainly can find many different designs available in porcelain tile in a wide range of prices.

We are also seeing a wide number of shapes show up in flooring tiles varying from octagons, hexagons, and small round tiles the size of pennies. All sorts of geometrical shapes are popular now in flooring. Subway tile is also popular trend, and you will find this installed both vertically and horizontally.

Jewel tones are showing up in a wide variety of shapes to accent fabrics. Your tiles need not fade into the background; they can make a bold statement and express your decorative taste. When you are redecorating your kitchen, you may consider a floor color that contrasts your cabinets. Remember that lighter colors will show every spot. The benefit of a wood look is that it is varied, and you will not notice every mark. (Only you will know the last time it was mopped).

Since prices are going up, inflation is on the rise, and mortgage rates are also increasing, homeowners need to turn to inexpensive renovation projects for the time being. Redecorating with tile is an easy choice because of the impact it has at the low price point.


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