Best train journeys in Canada


One of the best ways to see Canada is from a train, where you can visit amazing coastal cities like Vancouver, which is also a gateway to Alaska. Seeing the national parks, the Canadian Rockies, and mountain towns by rail is an unforgettable experience. 

The elegance and breathtaking scenery you can enjoy on train journeys will make you feel like you’re in another world. This is especially true if your travels take you to remote areas of the country that are inaccessible by any other means of transportation. Take a look at Canada train tours that you must take.

Canada’s Top Train Rides:

Is everyone on board ready for the finest train rides? The following is a list of recommended rail trips. Here, take a look!

  1. The Rocky Mountaineer

Canada’s stunning Rocky Mountains and other national parks may be seen from your window on this train ride out of Vancouver. The trip starts in Vancouver, on the coast, where you’ll travel on the Rocky Mountaineer for the first leg of your journey. Spend the night crossing through the Rockies and taking in the breathtaking landscape before disembarking in Banff.

  1. Traveling Across Canada on VIA Rail

Vancouver is located on Canada’s west coast and is home to several tourist attractions, including Queen Elizabeth Park, the Sunken Gardens, and Gastown. Your 14-day rail journey through the country begins in this coastal city and along the journey you will get to see and explore some iconic destinations across the country. 

  1. From New England to Montreal

There’s a lot you can see and do on this well-known rail journey that lasts 11 days. This renowned rail journey begins with a tour of the fall foliage in New England and Eastern Canada, followed by stays in opulent hotels and travels across the country aboard luxurious trains. 

  1. Seattle to Jasper via cruise and train

This 9-day trip begins in Seattle and then travels north via Canada on a picturesque route via boat and train. On this trip, you will see Canada from the water, the land, and the rails. While you might lose yourself in the city’s multiculturalism in Vancouver, in Victoria, you’ll learn about the city’s rich past. Starting in Vancouver, your journey on the Rocky Mountaineer will then take you to the Canadian town of Jasper. 

  1. Winter Magical Train

Spend three nights in Banff and get to know the area. View the national park, take an ice stroll in Johnston Canyon, or enjoy a sleigh ride in the sparkling snow. Along the route, you’ll learn about the area’s geological features. Then set off on an adventure to discover more about the Canadian Rockies. The next step is to visit Jasper National Park and take a guided tour of the park to learn more about the natural world. Finally, the tour concludes with an overnight train ride to Vancouver.

It all starts in Vancouver, the “Hollywood of the North,” and is the first stop on your holiday. Spend two days exploring the city before taking an overnight train journey east to the Canadian Rockies and the beautiful mountain towns of Jasper and Banff for an authentic Canadian alpine adventure!


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