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XEFO on RadioRed is one of Mexico’s most popular radio stations. The station broadcasts popular Latin music and was founded in 1974. The network is owned and operated by Grupo Radio Centro, S.A., and is the national network for Radio Red. The station’s programming is bilingual, which means that it has a mixture of Spanish and English content.

Although the program is often criticized, it has the potential to extend institucional culture to the public. It does this by using the same formats used in classrooms and concert halls. Furthermore, it has the potential to impact the academic calendar. This is what makes it so interesting and different from traditional broadcasting.

Another major problem for radio universitaria is discordance in its goals and its offers. It has ambivalent ideas and needs, but it also tries to preserve its competitive position in the market.


The XEQR radio station, the first of its kind in Ecuador, is back on the airwaves with sports programming. The brand name of XEQR-AM 1030 KHz is Radio Centro Deportes, and the station will return to the airwaves sometime in 2020. The station had been suspended in May 2017 due to technical difficulties. The company behind the station, XEQR, S.A. de C.V., has made three attempts to find a location to install an antenna. But each attempt has been met with a plethora of technical problems.

XEQR on RadioRed AM originally aired newscasts and sports programs. The station later moved to XEN-AM, where it aired motivational and inspirational programs. In addition to sports programming, the station also broadcasts Sunday noon mass from the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City. However, the station’s format has changed a few times over the years.

The radio station has returned to the airwaves after a hiatus of cinco months. The new XERED-AM 1110 KHz station has 50,000 watts of power, and is capable of reaching towns and cities in southern Mexico including Toluca, Pachuca, Cuernavaca, Puebla, and Tlaxcala.


XEFO-AM 790 on the RadioRed network is the only English-language station broadcasting in Moscow. It was launched in 1991 and is currently owned by Grupo Radio Centro. The station was formerly known as Radio Centro 1030. However, a new ownership changed its name to XEFO-AM 790 in 2003.

XEFO-AM 790 on the RadioRed network was originally known as XERED-AM. The call letters were changed after the station was bought by Grupo Radio Centro. The new owners consolidated the content on two frequencies and named the station XEFO-AM. After the call letters changed, Francisco Aguirre Jimenez took over the station and renamed it Radio Red. Grupo Radio Centro purchased the station in 1994. It also launched XEQR as a separate concession.

XEFO-AM 790 transmits on the AM band on a frequency of 1110 kHz. It has a power output of 50,000 watts. The station broadcasts ranchera music, which is popular in Mexico. Its predecessor, Radio LZ, was founded in 1931. Since then, the station has operated continuously.

XEFO-AM 1110

In the 1980s, the XEFO-AM 1110 on the RadioRed network had many loyal listeners. This radio station is associated with the National No-revolutsiooni partii, or PRI. The XEFO program aired news and information about politics. The station also broadcast live NFL games during the afternoon and evening hours.

The radio station XEFO-AM 1110 on the RadioRed network is one of Mexico’s most popular radio stations. It features a wide variety of music genres and was first launched in 1974. It is owned and operated by Grupo Radio Centro, S.A., which is also responsible for Radio Red.

XEFO-AM 1110 on the RadioRed network is broadcasting music and news on 1110 KHz. It is based in Tlalnepantla de Baz. This station is part of RadioRed, and it broadcasts in Spanish and English.


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