FenceWright, a Security Fencing Contractor


FenceWright is a well-established security fencing company in Australia. The company is owned by the Nyiyaparli people of the east Pilbara region. Its headquarters is in Brisbane, and its industrial facility is located in Geebung. Its website provides information on services, products and pricing.

FenceWright is Australia’s security fencing company

If you are looking for security fences for your home or business, FenceWright is the company for you. Based in Perth, Western Australia, they specialize in the supply and installation of various types of security gates and fences. They also offer emergency fencing repair services. You can depend on them to complete your project in a timely manner and safely.

FenceWright uses the latest in technology to provide you with a high-quality product. Their products and services are designed to meet the highest Australian Standards and are tailored to suit your needs.

It is owned by the Nyiyaparli people of the east Pilbara

The Nyiyaparli people in the east Pilbara have acquired security fencing company FenceWright. The acquisition will more than double the company’s commercial turnover. The acquisition was made through Karlka Developments Pty Ltd, the commercial arm of the Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation. According to the company’s chief executive, the acquisition will create jobs for local Aboriginal people.

The Nyiyaparli People have native title over this area. These traditional laws have been in place since the world was created. These laws govern the Nyiyaparli People’s country, rights, and interests in the Determination Area.

It is based in Brisbane

FenceWright Pty Ltd is a national security fencing contractor. It has recently taken a refurbished industrial building at 21 Kingtel Place in Geebung, which will house its headquarters. The tenant negotiated a deal with Paul Anderson of Ray White Industrial Milton, and is currently in the process of moving into its new premises. The company was founded in Perth four years ago and has quickly become one of Australia’s largest security fencing contractors.

It has a refurbished industrial facility in Geebung

FenceWright Pty Ltd, a national security fencing contractor, has taken up tenancy of a refurbished industrial facility in Geebung, Queensland. The company has taken a three-plus-three-year lease, valued at $130,000 per annum, on the building. The company was founded in Perth four years ago, but has now expanded to cover a wider area, including the Geebung area.

It has a 3 + 3 year lease

FenceWright Pty Ltd has taken out a three and a half year lease on a refurbished industrial building in Geebung, Queensland. This property will be the Queensland headquarters for the national security fencing contractor. The lease, valued at $130,000 per annum, will provide the company with a location for its expanding operation. The company was originally established in Perth four years ago and has expanded its operations to other parts of Australia.



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