What Is the Best Age to Start Learning Golf as a Child?


Golf can be introduced to kids from as early as the age of two. Experts say that those who begin their golfing careers at a young age have a greater chance of continuing to do so as adults. Generally, youngsters with longer attention spans (starting around age five) benefit the most from formal instruction in golf. Golf instructors typically recommend waiting until a child is five years old before beginning lessons, but every child is different.

How to Tell Your Child is Ready for Golfing 

Have doubts about whether or not your kid is prepared? Make the following observations:

  • You could put them in for a couple of classes. If they are learning and having fun, then continue with the lessons. 
  • Observe their perseverance to stress and challenges in the golf arena. If they cope, they can handle more formal lessons. 
  • If they still are not interested in lessons, offer them a ride in the golf cart. Encourage them to bring their clubs; they may end up cultivating interest. 

Age-Appropriate Activities for Beginner Golfers

Here is what you can do to initiate children into golf by applying activities suitable to their age:

Three to Five Years

If your child is in this age bracket, take golf as an open and engaging activity for them. A limited amount of technical education should be offered to this age range. They could lose interest if you persist too much.

You need to give them a club that fits them properly and demonstrate the proper grip. Take a golf cart ride and go for a round of golf with them while you are there.

Five to 10 Years 

Kids’ golf lessons, one-on-one or in a small group setting, may be appropriate for kids as young as five. It is best to start group lessons to instill good manners and teamwork. This age is the best to prevent them from forming negative habits that will be difficult to break later on. It will take some time to make significant progress with your kids.

It is essential not to restrict kids from golf at this stage if they also show interest in other sports. If kids continue to develop a passion for golf as they become older, they will have the opportunity to focus on their studies.

10 to 14 Years 

Junior golf lessons benefit kids of this age who are serious about the game. In addition, this is the age range where we see a marked increase in the number of club members jumping from the “kids” to the “adults” section. Now more summer camps, golf programs, and academies are available for kids of this age category.

Children Older than 14

Individual junior golf lessons are best for teenagers (ages 14 and up) since they have more maturity, focus, and motivation to learn. Young people today have access to various high-level golf instruction opportunities. If a teen is interested in learning how to golf at a competitive level, they can choose from different programs designed specifically for their age group.

Finding the Best Instructor for Your Kid

 There are factors to consider when deciding which coach to hire. The coach should be met ahead of time, and their facility visited to obtain a sense of the atmosphere. Think about what you are looking for in a junior golf coach. It can also be helpful to come prepared with a list of questions as follows: 

  • How do they work with kids? 
  • Do most of their trainees happen to be young kids? 
  • Do they use simple language while explaining complex concepts to children? 
  • What are their credentials? 
  • What metrics do they use to evaluate success? 

Another way to find a great instructor for your child is to research some of the lessons and courses thought by professionals. Well-trained and qualified coaches who understand the needs of clients will take them at their pace, no matter the age group. You’re welcome to hire a professional who will start mentoring your youngster as they embark on their dream of becoming professional golfers or perfecting their skills, exclusively on performancegolf.com.


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