Helena Modrzejewska

Helena Modrzejewska


The entertainment industry characters have always been the passion of the public. Names like Helena Modrzejewska have always been admired, and people love to ensure that they acquire the traits that make them look like their favourite stars.

Especially if we talk about the female stars, they have a special place in the people’s hearts. Their beauty and elegant looks can surely mesmerize the whole world. Also, if we talk about the female stars who have performed in phenomenal roles in the past, we will learn that they become immortal in the fans’ memories. Their names are inscribed in golden words in the history of entertainment.

At the end of the day, they are successful in making themselves famous among people from all walks of life. This article will explicitly provide you with information regarding the famous Helena Modrzejewska.

Helena Modrzejewska, a gorgeous polish actress

You might not have heard the name Helena Modrzejewska. But she surely had a huge impact on the audience for decades. So let us introduce you to her profile. Helena Modrzejewska was a Polish actress for her tragic roles and Shakespearean characters. She started her career on the Polish stage.

Helena Modrzejewska, a gorgeous polish actress

Moving to the USA

Once Helena made a mark in Poland, she emigrated to the United States of America. Although her command of the English language was pathetic, she still was able to succeed on the stage in London and America. If the researchers stop being modest and talk based on the facts and figures, then they will learn that she is considered to be the best theatre actress ever in the history of the theatre in Poland.

The personal life details

Now you might be wondering, since the personality in question is centuries old and is a character from the 19th century, how can we get details regarding her in the 21st century. This is surely a hectic task. Since the information sources in that era were not developed.

The personal life details

The birth profile

Recently we got our hands on some marvellous details regarding the famous character. Thus if we start with her name, it would be Jadwiga Benda. But later, her name was changed to Helena Opid. According to the available details, the famous actress’s date of birth is 12th October 1840. You might be wondering about the place of birth now. So let us share with you that she was born in The Free City of Krakow.

The death information

Also, we have our hands on the details regarding the death of the phenomenal actress. The details tell us that she took her last breath on 8th April 1909. This helps us deduce the total age that she lived on this planet. Helena Modrzejewska died at the age of 68 years.

The relationship life

The first marriage

Moving on, it is time that we dive into the relationship life of the famous actress. So let us tell you that according to the available details, the star actress has married twice in her life. For the very first time, she married Gustav Modrzejewska in 1861. But later, the couple got divorced after seven years of their married life in 1868.

The second marriage

The second marriage of the famous Helena Modrzejewska was conducted with Count Karol Bozenta Chlapowski. She married him in the year 1868. It was the same year when she got divorced from her previous husband. Although we know that she married the famous Count, there are no further details about their relationship life and whether this relationship succeeded or not.

The details regarding children

If you want to learn about the relationship life of any person, then you should also get your hands on the information regarding their offspring. You will also want to learn more about the children of Helena Modrzejewska. The details tell us that she has two children. We only know the name of one that is Ralph Modjeski.

The autobiography

Details regarding parents

Were you even aware that she also has an autobiography of her life? In this autobiography, we will find many details regarding her personal life. First of all, let us tell you about her parents. The information shows that the name of the mother of the famous actress was Josefa Benda. She was a widow of a wealthy Krakow Merchant named Szymon Benda.

The Michael Opid factor

If we talk about the details regarding her father, we will know that in her autobiography, she has stated that she is the daughter of the famous musician Michael Opid. If you want to know how it is possible. Then let us tell you that the Benda family employed a music teacher named Michael Opid, who was also her godfather.

The confusing parentage details

The details regarding the parentage of the famous actress are quite confusing because, according to some information, she and her elder brother Adolf might be a result of the affair between her mother and Prince Wladyslaw Hieronim Sanguzko who was a famous and wealthy Polish Nobleman.

The performed roles

If you are a diehard fan of the famous actress, you will surely try to do everything to get your hand on the details regarding the characters she played in the past. So let us help you out in this regard. Below we have mentioned a list of the characters she performed on stage.

  • Ophelia in Hamlet
  • Juliet in Romeo and Juliet
  • Desdemona in Othello
  • Queen Anne in Richard III
  • Nora in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House
  • Luisa Miller in Salvadore Cammarano’s Luisa Miller
  • Friedrich Schiller’s Maria Stuart and Princess Eboli
  • Marion Delorme in Victor Hugo’s Marion Delorme
  • Victor Hugo’s Tisbé
  • Juliusz Słowacki’s Maria Stuart and Mazeppa

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Helena Modrzejewska has ruled the hearts of theatre lovers. Her excellent acting skill has made the fans catch their breaths. The above-mentioned authenticated details will help you get your hands on the information regarding her personal and professional life, registering you as her fan.


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