What Animal Has Two Feet But Can’t Walk

What Animal Has Two Feet But Can't Walk


The riddles are not easy to crack. “What animal has two feet but can’t walk” you might have come across this expression recently. Thus, if we go through the details, we will hear several others like this too.

The numbers of riddles in the modern world are numerous. But not all of them are worth your time. Some of the riddles have a sense of fun associated with them, thus making them the perfect entertainment tool for the public.

If we make a list of the riddles and questions that have both the ability to humor the public and similarly educate them, then the number will be quite low. But still, the effect of these riddles never wears away. In fact, we are witnessing the number of debates regarding them increasing daily.

What animal has two feet but can’t walk

The riddle or the question in the title is quite explicit and specific. But if we look at the answers available on the internet, then they are nothing but crap. These answers neither meet the demands nor the criteria for the riddle. If we look, we will learn that people have taken wild guesses to solve the riddle. But none of these answers can satisfy your queries.

The wild guesses

If we look at the list of the names that the people provide, it includes a list of living organisms. Below we have mentioned a few for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Sparrow
  • Hummingbird
  • Kangaroo
  • Giraffe
  • Hippopotamus
  • Whale etc.

The nonliving characters

Also, if we talk about the answers of the public, they have also included the names of the nonliving things too, such as ladders and similar other household items that might have two appendages. These answers are full of rubbish. Therefore the public must not pay attention to them.

Eradicating “Ladder” from the options

If you are wondering why the ladder is enlisted among the answers in the first place, let us tell you that the ladder has only two supports on the floor. Thus technically, it has two feet. Since it cannot move on its own thus, we can say that it meets the criteria. But since it is not an animal, we must eradicate this option.

Canceling all the birds on the list

Moving on to the names such as sparrows and birds, we will learn that the people say they do not walk. In fact, they hop. This might be true. But if you had a little information regarding general biology, then you would know that these organisms are categorized among birds, not animals. Even they do not meet the criteria of the riddle.

The non-criteria answers

Now you might be wondering about the names Giraffe and Hippopotamus. So let us tell you that these names are shared by someone who lacks common sense or has not looked at these organisms in the first place. The information tells us that these organisms have four limbs or legs thus, they do not even meet the criteria of the riddle.

The “True” answer to the riddle

1.      The first answer

Now you might be considering that if all the answers are incorrect, then what might be the true option. So we think that it is time that we share it with you. The answer to the riddle is “Kangaroo”. You might be looking for a well-researched explanation to back up this answer.

Backing up the answer

If we go through the available information, we will learn that Kangaroo is an animal categorized among mammals. Although it has four limbs, if we talk about the limbs resting on the ground, then there would be only two. Thus it has two legs. Now moving on to the part where the animal does not know how to walk, we can be certain that Kangaroos do not walk. To move from one place to another, they jump.

2.      The second answer

Unlike other birds’ bats are categorized among mammals. Thus, we will learn that they also have two feet. Instead of the upper limbs, they only have wings. Moving on, we can say that bat also has two feet, but since it flies thus, it cannot walk around. Therefore it might also be another answer to the riddle.

The chances of unacceptability

This answer might not be acceptable to some people because they would categorize the bas as birds. But only if you acknowledge the bats as mammals will you learn that they might be the answer you are looking for.

How to solve a riddle

Everybody tries to solve the riddles in their way. Therefore if we look at the facts, we will learn that every debate on the internet has a different answer. But not all of the answers you will find have a reasonable explanation. In contrast, the answers that we provided above are the ones that will surely stand true to your expectations. They are the only living beings standing true to all the requirements of the riddle.

Meeting the requirements

Whenever you are trying to solve a riddle, you should ensure that the answer you have meets all the desired requirements. If it misses even a single factor, then you should not consider that option and move on to the next option on your list. After scrutinizing, find an option that stands true to all the requirements enlisted in the query. Only in this way can you show how sharp your riddling skills are actually.

Things to avoid

If you want an example of a silly answer, you will find that people have also mentioned snakes as the answer to this riddle. This organism does not even have any feet at all. So avoid such answers.

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The most appropriate answer to the query “what animal has two feet but can’t walk” is Kangaroo. There is no other living being that sticks to this query. We hope that we will soon get a definite answer to this riddle. Till then, go with kangaroos.


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