Betting with Parimatch is the best way to make money on bets in Cyprus


Parimatch is an international bookmaker based in Limassol (Cyprus). This holding provides its services in online and offline format, operating on the basis of the international gaming license of Curacao, as well as numerous local permits. Initially, the company worked only on the territory of Ukraine since 1994, but soon expanded its activities to other countries.

During its work, the company has won the love and recognition of a multi-million army of users, who were captivated by the extensive functionality of the platform, the security, and transparency of financial transactions, as well as the reliability of the bookmaker. To date, the Parimatch bookmaker boasts more than 400 sports betting Parimatch outlets in all CIS countries. The holding carries out licensed activities in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Cyprus, Tanzania, and India.

Tips for successful Parimatch betting

  • Plan and analyze. Making a mindless bet is the first step to losing. This is a fact. It is recommended to spend time analyzing statistical data, as well as learning to bet strategies. It is planned preparation that allows the player to soberly assess all the chances of winning. Furthermore, it is important to be able to choose the middle ground between the desire to win a big jackpot and the risk of draining your entire deposit in 2-3 bets. Professionals advise stopping at a flat. Because catch-up and derivatives will lead to a zero balance.
  • You don’t have to play it safe. Very often, novice players try to rebet after a big loss. Most likely, they think that if they were unlucky once, they will definitely be lucky the next time. But this does not always lead to the desired result. After an unsuccessful bet, the most logical thing to do is to think about what happened and understand what went wrong. It is better to conclude the next agreement after a certain time.

Platform safety and reliability

Parimatch bookmaker is one of the most reliable companies that provides betting services all over the world. It adheres to all international and local laws, and also has an international gambling license from Curacao. Parimatch adheres to a strict privacy and anti-fraud policy.

The bookmaker has the full right to block the account of users who were suspected of the above-mentioned prohibited actions, as well as clients under the age of eighteen.

How to make a bet

To place a bet, you need to move to the vertical menu on the left. By clicking on the desired sport, you can see the available tournaments. If you click on a tournament, the bettor will see all the options on offer. By clicking on the desired match, the player will see the entire schedule. 

Here the bettor has to decide on his options. After that, you need to click on the coefficient. Then the rate will be reflected in the coupon. If there is a desire to make an “Express” bet, then several events are selected in the same way. In the coupon, the player will see the total coefficient.

On the Pari Match site, a player can place bets on the following types of bets: ordinary (classic bet), express (outcome of numerous events), system (some combination of express), live (bets in real time, when the match itself is underway).

When the bettor clicks on “Make a bet”, it means that he has already placed a bet and his account will be debited. Speaking about the calculation of bets, it takes place after the result becomes known. Also, the player can view all his bets in the “Account History” section.


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