Top 5 Reasons to Choose Apartment Rent Over Hotel Accommodation


When considering accommodation options, you may be faced with a conflict between choosing an apartment or staying in a hotel. While staying in a hotel can be enticing due to the ready-made bed, furniture and more, there are certain reasons to choose apartment rent over hotel accommodation. These include cost, space, location, and privacy. Here are the top five reasons to rent an apartment instead of hotel accommodation.

1.     Cost

One of the major factors to consider when looking for accommodation is the cost. Though hotel stays are enticing since the rooms are already set up, they can cost more than a rent apartment. You can find out about the cost of rental apartments through rental sites. Through rental sites such as Rentola, you can easily find an affordable apartment for rent. Rentola is a rental home search engine that scours the web in search of all available properties and gathers them in one place. 

Extended stays at hotels do not come cheap. Even short stays at high-end hotels can cost more than the monthly rent for some apartments. 

Associated costs such as food, laundry, etc. can also add up quickly. When you rent an apartment, you can prepare your own food. Usually, preparing your own food will be cheaper than eating at a hotel. This allows you to free up more funds for other activities. 

Also, apartments generally include a kitchen and laundry facilities. This reduces the amount you’ll spend on laundry, compared to a hotel. 

2.   Apartments are more spacious

Space is also one of the major factors to consider when choosing between an apartment or a hotel. Usually, apartments offer bigger space than hotels. This is important, especially for people with families. Large families may need to pay for extra rooms when booking hotel accommodation. 

A cramped hotel room will be uncomfortable for families and even individuals staying alone.  On the other hand, with an apartment, you can get extra rooms, kitchen space, and a living room. When renting an apartment, you do not need to worry about children playing around if you have kids. 

Also, people working from home will find the extra space an apartment offers helpful. With an apartment, you can separate an area for work, which isn’t possible when staying in a  

3.   Location

Another reason to choose apartment rent over hotel accommodation is the location advantage. When renting an apartment, you can easily choose one in the area you prefer. On the other hand, most hotels are concentrated in a particular area. They are usually located in commercial hubs or holiday hubs, which can result in increased expenses. 

Renting an apartment gives you the opportunity to live in residential areas. Also, you can easily rent an apartment that is close to work, school, or crucial facilities. Choosing a hotel gives you a limited choice as to where to stay.


4.   Privacy

One of the major benefits apartments offer is privacy. Apartments offer more space to relax and live in. Unlike hotel rooms where you are mostly confined to one room and share the walls with strangers, apartments offer more privacy. With apartments, you can have more space to yourself without having to work or relax in public spaces. 

You do not need to go through multiple staff or other guests when living in an apartment. Also, for families or people with dependents, an apartment provides more privacy than a hotel room. Rather than putting everyone in a single room with no privacy, apartments with multiple bedrooms allow for splitting bedrooms. On the other hand, booking extra rooms at a hotel for your family or friends will put an extra strain on your pocket.

5.    Feels Like Home

If you are looking for that home feel, then renting an apartment can be the answer. Renting an apartment gives you the freedom to decorate and adjust to your taste. This can offer more relaxation and can also have a positive impact on mental health. Hotel rooms are ready-made and do not offer such freedoms. 

Also, you can cook your own meals and perform other activities freely in an apartment. While hotels are usually located in specific spots, you can easily rent an apartment in the heart of the city. This offers the opportunity to interact with locals and stay in residential areas. Also, families can stay together in an apartment while having some privacy. 

However, when staying in a hotel with your family, you may need to book extra rooms or squeeze in one room. Lastly, apartments can come with additional amenities such as a dedicated parking space, a yard, and more.



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