Make Your Camping Trip shine with HALOOP


The HALOOP is a UFO-like battery-powered metal umbrella light for clients to partake in the nightlife without limit. It offers two light tones, orange and white light. The 360-degree delicate light shaft covers an enormous region, cutting out a splendid, comfortable, and loosening zone through the obscurity. With the 8800mAh battery-powered battery pack, it will last over the course of the evening. The wide-range brace fits practically all deck umbrella shafts, while the snares and restricting lash make it a characteristic fit on any deck and in any camping area. The light takes on great fiber LEDs and sturdy metal material in its edge, shell, and numerous different parts. The 18W TypeC yield port is intended to keep your advanced gadgets generally alive. Surprisingly better, it is resistant to downpours. The high-quality Haloop makes certain to blow your mind away with premium quality and execution.

What is HALOOP?

HALOOP is a solar-powered, wireless light that attaches to any tent pole. The light is designed to work in three modes: Spotlight, Floodlight, and Nightlight. A built-in rechargeable battery allows the HALOOP to provide up to 40 hours of light on a single charge. It features five different colors for both spotlight and floodlight modes: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and White; plus, it has a built-in sensor that automatically turns on the nightlight when it gets dark outside. In addition to all of this, you can control the lights from your phone! You can select from six different colors for your spotlights and four colors for your floodlights with the swipe of a finger.

What are the benefits of using a camping lantern?

Camping is an outdoor activity that people enjoy because of the challenge and the memories they create while on their trip. 

HALOOP camping lanterns are a lightweight and reliable alternative to other camping lanterns because they provide a great amount of light, they have a durable design, and they are made to be weather-resistant. 

Campers can use these lights for a variety of reasons including cooking, reading, setting up camp, and more! 

These lights will make your camping trip shine brighter than ever before.


Premium Light: Delicate and wide 360-degree pillar (10-600lm) that upholds steeples darkening, disperses the obscurity, and ushers in a loosening up nightlife on any

deck or campground.

Double Light Sources: Both an orange light (6 Fiber LEDs) and a white light (Drove Strip), completely versatile to your necessities.

Metal UFO Plan: Top notch feel with its metal base circle, gatekeepers, holder, and unibody reflector. When turned on, it is very much like a floating UFO projecting a light


8800mAh Battery Pack: With four 18500 2200mAh batteries inside, it gives 180 hours of orange light at the most minimal result. At the point when the battery is low, just

re-energize it with the included Sort C link.

Power Bank Capability: The Sort C result port functions admirably as a power bank to keep your telephones, cushions, or cameras alive.

Different Ways of setting: The breadth of the spring post clasp goes from 20-55mm. Completely versatile to permit establishment on a wide range of umbrella or tent posts.

It likewise accompanies snares and restricting ties for various fitting choices.

Downpour resistant: IPX5 water opposition rating


                       Highest Output in White Light:600~300~150LM/20+260+200+30min /30m

                       Lowest Output in White Light: 200LM/11H/20M

Outputs:         Highest Output in Orange Light:200~100LM/8H+6H/10M

                       Lowest Output in Orange Light:10LM/ 180H /2M

Type-C 18W charging time: 3.5H

Type-C Charging: 5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A @18W

Type-C Power Bank:  5V/3A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A @18W

Waterproof:  IPX5

Candela/Max Throw:  260CD/30M

The HALOOP Solar Light is a solar-powered light designed for your campers and outdoor enthusiasts. It is easy to install on your boat, camper, or RV. The Ultra Bright LED lights use a rechargeable battery to provide you with 360 degrees of illumination. You can adjust the lighting by switching between three different modes: light, strobe, and SOS signal. The lights are IP65 rated which means that they are water resistant and can be used in damp conditions such as camping or fishing trips. They are also equipped with an anti-theft alarm which will alert you if someone tries to break into your vehicle at night.

Where can’t I use it?

HALOOP is made for camping, but it can also be used around the house as a flashlight. It’s even water-resistant! The light has three different settings and lasts for up to 12 hours. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket or your purse. You can use it at work, in the woods, or on an airplane.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts up to 12 hours on a full charge. The remote controls the light and you can change the color by pressing the remote button. 

The light is collapsible and very easy to assemble, just make sure you don’t pull too hard when unfolding it or the lamp will fall apart. 

HALOOP is great for camping trips because it’s lightweight and portable. You can take it anywhere!

Is there any maintenance involved?

HALOOP is a solar light that you can use to make your camping trip brighter. You can charge it in the sun or by plugging it into an electrical outlet. When fully charged, HALOOP will provide up to seven hours of bright, white LED light.

Will it freeze during the winter months?

HALOOP is a hand-held lantern that utilizes LEDs to light up your campsite. It has two settings, so you can set it to low or high brightness depending on the situation. One of the great features about this lantern is that it has a hook, so you can hang it from your tent or anything else to provide even more light! The batteries will last for 12 hours when on high and 18 hours on low.


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