Wood Look Tile Is a Quick and Easy Alternative to Hardwood Flooring


You have most likely come across it before and pondered what exactly it is. As you enter, your eyes are greeted with what seems to be hardwood. However, if you get closer to it and step on it, it becomes obvious that it is not hardwood. Similar to the texture of the tile.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles that mimic wood are used to create flooring tile that looks like wood but is actually a plank tile. Although it may come in a variety of sizes and forms, it is most often seen in the format of plank tiles.

The fact that plank tile appears almost exactly like the genuine thing is one of the things that appeals to us most about it. For most people, the only way to tell the difference is to go down on their hands and knees and feel it. That is how fantastic it is. Those who have placed a tile in their homes know the advantages it can provide to high-traffic areas. When you want your floor to have traditional good looks but know it will take a battering throughout the year, plank tile is a fantastic compromise that you can make.

What advantages does using plank wood tile provide over other types?

Why are people choosing to cover their floors with plank tiles? Because of their robustness and long-lasting nature.

Hardwood flooring is not a good option for every house or every circumstance. Hardwood flooring in a foyer or mudroom is a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. It’s important to consider the potential downsides of installing hardwood in a wet environment like a kitchen or bathroom. Because hardwood isn’t supposed to be exposed to water and moisture, installing it in areas like these will result in a significant increase in the amount of time spent caring for and maintaining the flooring.

Therein lies the primary advantage of plank tile. Plank tile (https://www.thespruce.com/tile-that-looks-like-wood-flooring-1821268) mimics the beauty of hardwood flooring while maintaining the durability of tile. It is possible to coordinate it with any design scheme; it may be placed in a few different color options, one of which will be an excellent fit for your aesthetic.

Tile or wood—which one is the best option?

If you’re not sure whether it’s the best option for your house, it’s probably a good idea to check into some of your other choices. When it comes to the subject of longevity and strength, one of the greatest options you can make is to go for plank tile. Plank tile is a good option to consider if you have a lot of foot traffic in your home, in addition to dogs and children, and you want to protect your flooring.

Do you require grout when using plank tiles? 

Grout is often required for tile installations because it allows for movement and settling. Click here to read more on grout. Tiles may maintain their attractive appearance and resist cracking and breaking with the help of the give in this thin material. Plank tile may imitate the appearance of hardwood flooring, but only if the grout is used between the tiles.

The most important thing is to get an installer who is skilled in the process of installing plank tile. The very finest installers can complete the job without using grout by positioning the tiles so that they are flat against one another. 

They are also able to install it with a very little amount of grout, just enough to provide your flooring some room to shift. If you’ve struggled to find a place to call home in the past, this may be the option that’s ideal for you. If you are concerned about movement, it is best to stay with the grout. You are the only one who knows how your house will respond.

How much more does the tile cost if you want it to appear like wood?

The encouraging news is that there are choices available for every available dollar amount. In the same way that there is a vast range of hardwood, there is also a large variety of wood-look tiles, each of which varies in quality, kind, manufacturer, and durability. Is it possible to get plank tile at a price that is less than five dollars per square foot? Of course. Is it possible to purchase it for twenty dollars or more per square foot? You bet.

If the price of certain generic plank tiles seems too good to be true, you should probably avoid buying them. No matter where in your house you decide to put flooring, it will be subjected to a significant amount of wear and tear. Do you really want there to be chips, cracks, and breaking within the first year following the installation? We are here to guide you in making the best decision possible to guarantee high-quality work right from the start.


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