How to I Tell Him I Like Him When He Is a Friend

How to I Tell Him I Like Him When He Is a Friend

So you started to like him but kept wondering how to tell him I like him. Well, don’t worry; you are not alone in this!

No matter how many clues you drop, it is sometimes not clear enough for them.

The guys are always puzzled to understand the clues and might like you back and cannot confess to you.

When you try to help them with their assignments or be extra sweet to their parents or friends, they might look like you are their best buddy. However, they do not understand how you like him romantically.

You may dress up just for him, get a new haircut so he notices you, or even get a new outfit, so he compliments you. But still, none of that works. Do you know why?

Because sometimes you’re too much around him for him to notice you. He might discuss his crush with you or how he’s crazy about the new girl in town but not notice you. Sad, right?

Getting a guy to take hints might be exhausting, but it isn’t impossible. There are a few tips and tricks that can help you drop the hints clear for him. So, without any further delay, let’s see how you can let him pick your signs.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to know how to drop your signs, if he’s the right choice, and also see whether he likes you. If you want to find answers to the above, keep reading; you’re at the right place.

How to tell my crush I like him by dropping hints?

It isn’t an easy job. Sometimes, these guys can not understand your feelings toward them.

However, there are a few ways that can help you to win your guy over. Here are some things that can help you give him the signs:

Take an interest in his likes

If he likes a particular band, try talking to him about it. Try getting concert tickets for that band to help you spend time together. This trick will show him the compatibility between you two. This is one of the subtle ways to tell him you like him.

Give compliments

Complimenting him can be one of the sweetest ways to express your liking toward him. Try complimenting his look, hair, outfit, and even his work. This can draw his attention toward you without much effort.

Be expressive

Using body language can be more effective than verbal communication. For example, while talking, lean closer and be flirtatious while flipping your hair. Try grabbing his hand while walking; these will hint that you’re into him.

Be sure about his flings

Knowing about his love life is very important. It would help if you were sure before you approached him. Only if he’s single can you start dropping your hints.

Express your happiness

Enjoy yourself when you are with him. Your smile and laugh will automatically come, so channel the emotions.

Make him feel special

Try surprising him with small presents. These little gestures can sometimes mean a lot. Cooking a favorite snack or getting him his favorite chocolate can show that you care about his liking.

Sending the right messages

Sending him cute messages is a straightforward way to show him that you like him. This will make him curious about your sudden attention to him. Also, there are many things you can share via text that you cannot face to face.

How to I Tell Him I Like Him When He Is a Friend

Signs that you like him

Sometimes infatuation is confused with liking. But there are a few tricks to know whether you like him.

If the signs below match with how you feel, you must use our tips on how to i tell him i like him:

  • Firstly, start analyzing yourself if you think about him all the time. If that’s the case, you are into him.
  • If you feel incomplete without communicating with him is one of the signs that you like him.
  • One of the things that you must observe is if being around him makes you happier.
  • Spending time doing his favorite activity is all you think about, and his interests become yours eventually.
  • Jealousy can also be a significant sign of your liking toward him. When he hangs out with other girls, your jealousy pops out.
  • If your day starts and ends talking to him, this is clear enough that you’re into him, and your world revolves around him.
  • When every song you hear makes you think about him, it shows that you like him.
  • You seem to be smiling whenever you’re with him, and your mood is always good when you’re around him.
  • His happiness is all you care about. You could do almost everything to make him laugh.
  • Your world seems upside down when you feel you are losing him or if he’s away for some reason.
  • You go out of your way to help him if he needs something. Doing his assignment is one of the signs that you are totally into him.
  • You may sometimes make a fool of yourself for his happiness. This isn’t healthy, but you can’t help since all your priority belongs to him right now.
  • His family and friends become yours. You start spending time with them more often than you do with your own family or friends.

How to tell if he is the one

It’s pretty normal to have a liking towards someone. But how do you know the person you like is the right one for you?

For example, as you meet someone for the first time, you might feel that he is the one, but it may not be accurate.

You might find them charming, kind, funny, and adventurous. But before making the first move, try to analyze and collect more information to decide whether you want him. It can be a bit tricky to find it out but not something you cannot achieve.

Hence, keep your observation glasses on and be alert. You must have a checklist of things you like and dislike in a guy.

Make use of that list religiously. Some characteristics and traits make a guy perfect as per your taste and liking, so why not get it as you like it?

Below are a few of the points that you can look for while choosing your guy:

  • One of the essential characteristics you must observe is his behavior with others. Being kind is one of the qualities you should eye for.
  • He is the cheerleader of your life. Making you feel important and wanted is something you would cherish your entire life.
  • Your happiness is equally important to him. He involves himself in your joy and dreams.
  • You don’t have to put effort while making conversations. It happens naturally with him; you can talk to each other whenever and wherever.
  • Fights are a part of any relationship, as it keeps it alive between the two people. However, ensure that these fights are healthy and don’t get dragged when both of you start blaming each other.
  • Lastly, make sure you both trust each other. It is the base of any relationship.

How to I Tell Him I Like Him When He Is a Friend

What is the right time to confess

The most important thing is that you start preparing your heart for all possible outcomes, whether rejection or acceptance.

In case of a refusal, understand that it is okay to be rejected. It is not like the world will work to your liking.

But if it’s not meant to be, then there’s always something better for you. Hence, keep your head high and move on. Many guys are waiting for you; just look around.

However, to get a positive outcome, there are specific tips that you can follow to get a bulls-eye:

  • The first thing you need to be sure of is that the guy you are approaching is friends with you. You both communicate pretty often. But be subtle while talking to him, as being too enthusiastic might scare him.
  • Before you express your liking, spending quality time together is very important. When you both spend time together, it will help you and him to know each other better.
  • Try noticing if he’s okay with you touching him while talking or hanging out. For example, you put your head around his shoulder or let him play with his hair. These are some of the signs that can help you know whether he likes you. But play it subtly. Don’t give him the wrong ideas. Keep it as low as possible.
  • Try finding out the everyday things between you both. Compatibility is sometimes attractive. When you have a lot of things in common, it may light a spark between you both.
  • Start looking for clues while you talk to him. For example, noticing that he looks at you while chatting and making eye contact shows he pays attention. Making eye contact is very important and shows his interest in you.

How to I tell him I like him

As you know now how to decide on your guy, if he’s the one, and when to approach, it is now time to understand what preparation is required before you tell him:

How you look is how you feel

Appearance is essential; it creates a sense of visibility for the person who looks at you. So, make sure you’re looking for the best version of yourself. You surely don’t want yourself to look like a mess when he sees you.

Prepare for the worst

As we have already discussed, rejection is no big deal. Rejection is not the end of this world. Sometimes wavelength doesn’t match, and it is okay. Just accept it and move on. A rejection never means you are any less or you are wrong.

Keep your head held high

It is okay to be weak on your knees but make sure you fake your confidence while confessing. Be steady ad keep calm. Try to talk it out wholeheartedly; you don’t have to be scared of anything. Confessions are always good; they’ll make you feel lighter.

Have a happy smile

Always keep a smile on your face; it is essential as it shows you’re not only confident but are genuinely happy as a person. Even if he rejects you, this person can become your best friend in the future.

Keep the script ready

Prepare yourself; you need to know your dictation; you can’t go stumbling in front of him. Think of everything you want him to understand and express yourself.

Location is important

Acknowledge privacy, don’t go up front and ask him out. Find the right place and moment to share your feelings. Your feelings are no joke; hence keep it private between you two. And he’s the one; he’ll respect that.

Make sure he is not dating

Lastly, the most important part, be sure of his personal life. To avoid embarrassment, confirm if he has any existing relationships.

Clues that he likes you

Once you’re done with the how to I tell him I like him part, now it’s time for you to observe if he likes you too shy to tell you upfront or if maybe he’s playing hard.

Whatever it is, there are a few clues that you can notice to know if he likes you:

  • Once you tell him about your feelings, he finds ways to talk to you. He starts making conversations to engage you. Be it anything stupid or unimportant; he tries to indulge you in some way or another.
  • He can’t keep his eyes away from you. Now that he knows you like him, he’ll probably start noticing you all the more with all his attention. Even your new haircut will make him think it’s for him.
  • The essential thing in today’s world is our phones! But guess what? When he’s with you, he just forgets about it. All he concentrates on is you and nothing else. This is one of the most critical clues confirming his interest in you.
  • Now that you have told him, he will probably now end and start his day talking to you so that he gets to know you better.
  • It’s time for him to be nice to you and your friends. If he likes you, he will make sure everyone around you also wants him.

How to I Tell Him I Like Him When He Is a Friend

Final thoughts

Now you have to answer to how to I tell him I like him. So, I hope now you are ready to drop the ball.

All these tips, tricks, and clues can help you choose the right one for yourself. Why wait any further? If you like someone, just get your observation glasses on, and you’re good to go.


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