Halter Neck – The perfect neckline for summer


Are you wondering why a halter neck top is perfect for summer? Very easy!! The halter neck top backless is tied at the back of the neck and almost always leaves the back bare. Therefore, if you prefer not to wear many necklines in the front but in the back to withstand the summer heat… You already know which is the best option.

Although we have recommended it for summer, the truth is that the halter neckline is one of the most timeless and flattering that there is to use at any time of the year. 

Who does this type of neckline look better?

For those of you with thinner arms and necks, it is ideal, but also for people with wide backs because it slims down a lot by visually narrowing the upper part of the body. If you have a smaller chest, it can be your best ally as well since it adds volume to the area.

Within the infinity of types of necklines and necklines, the halter favors especially the small chest. Its shape gives the visual sensation of having more chest and it is also very comfortable in this sense. Because it is true that it is a complicated neckline to wear. Precisely for this reason, double-sided adhesive tape is an excellent ally when it comes to giving security and firmness to the most intricate designs.

It also has the power to broaden thin shoulders and especially puts the spotlight on the back, which is left bare for a very special touch. It is very elegant and distinguished for evening outfits. While for day to day it is suitable with jeans, shorts and, of course, skirts.

How to combine the halter neckline?

You can really combine it however you want because it all depends on the color you choose for your dress or blouse, but we do have some tips to get the most out of it:

– Put your hair up: if you wear a tail, either high or low, the neck is uncovered and the neckline is much more appreciated. If you prefer, you also have the option of a low bun.

– Avoid necklaces: as the halter neckline is tied to the neck, it is best not to add any necklace or chain to avoid weighing it down.

– Large earrings: the shoulder part is going to be left free, so you can play around by varying the size of the earrings to give the outfit a different touch depending on what you feel like the day you wear it.

When to use it?

The truth is that whenever you want. This type of neckline is already seen in any garment: from basic knit shirts to wedding dresses, through daily dresses, other more arranged, and blouses.

It can be ideal for any event. For example, for a launch. The good thing about the halter neckline is that just as you can wear it for something more sophisticated like a celebration of the 18th, you can also wear it to go to dinner on any weekend with a blazer on cold shoulder crop tops.

Halter neck – Latest fashion: 

This type of neckline is very strong this summer and conquers everything in its path, be it dresses or tops. Especially in the latter, they will be the protagonists of the summer, so they cannot be missing from your summer wardrobe if you want to be faithful to the latest fashion.

Although this is the latest fashion, it has rather little. The halter neckline, the one that is tied behind the neck -whether straight, forming a triangle or crossed, lived its maximum splendor in the 90s. Since then, it has never stopped being fashionable, but this 2022 takes on a lot more presence and is postulated among the leading trends of the season.

It comes in multiple designs and versions to choose from, with midriff tops at the top. On the more casual level, cotton, linen, knit, crochet and crochet predominate. 

And it is dyed in all imaginable colors as well as floral prints, stripes, Vichy checks, polka dots, animal prints or eclectic patterns. It is decorated with bows and fringes to give it a plus of originality.

For sophisticated occasions and event looks, the halter neck top is dressed in satin, satin and in general sheer and shiny fabrics. And it is that this form of neckline has the virtue of, depending on how it is combined, looking great in any style. 

It is at the same time very fresh and casual without sacrificing sophistication. In addition, its main quality is sensuality, inherent in summer when everything is aimed at exposing more skin.

Halter neckline: who favors them?

The halter neckline is one of the most popular when dressing. It is found in both blouses and dresses and, in fact, it is one of the favorites for brides when choosing theirs. It usually favors women with thin necks and arms, as well as those with wide backs.

What characterizes this neckline is that it is tied at the back of the neck, revealing the shoulders and back. It can be found in different versions, according to the shape of its front neckline. The most popular ones are the one that completely covers the chest and the V-neckline, but we also see it round, square, crossed, and in the shape of a heart. Therefore, there are different options when choosing, according to your body type and

All in all, this type of lace up halter top has the advantage of being very versatile, take advantage of it! Visit solado.com and buy the best tops at the best prices!


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