As we age, the production of elastin and collagen begins to decrease. This causes the skin to sag. When facial skin sags, it makes one look older and more tired. Skin sagging is something that impacts everyone at some point in time or the other. No matter how much one tries, age eventually catches up. Undergoing the right treatment at the right time can help to slow down the process. A facelift is the most comprehensive approach to skin tightening facial Toronto. It is an invasive procedure. Deciding to undergo that can be overwhelming. There are non-surgical procedures that can help to achieve great results. We will be discussing some of the popular skin tightening treatments.

Laser Treatments

Laser skin tightening treatments are a great option when looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and tighten sagging and loose skin. It takes about 1 to 4 treatment sittings to see a considerable change. During the treatment, the technician uses a handheld device to guide the laser beam to the targeted area. The heat generated by infrared light stimulates the production of collagen. Over some time collagen begins to develop which causes the skin to tighten. Though the results aren’t as drastic as facial plastic surgery it can show great results for those who have mild to moderate skin sagging.


It is a unique procedure as it makes use of ultrasound waves to help tighten the skin. In the treatment, a special handheld device is used to deliver controlled and precise wavelengths of the ultrasound to the targeted area. These waves easily enter the deepest skin layers which are usually accessed and tightened in a facelift. In Ultherapy, the underlying tissues are tightened and collagen production is stimulated. Even though it takes about 3 months to see the final results, you will begin to see some changes immediately after the treatment.


When there is mild sagging, micro-needling is a great option. This treatment works to stimulate collagen production. Whenever collagen production increases, it leads to skin tightening benefits. Along with that, it also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After the treatment, you will enjoy an improved texture and tighter skin.

Radiofrequency Treatment

Another excellent treatment option for skin tightening is radiofrequency energy. During this treatment, the targeted area is heated up. When heat is directed to the deep layers of the skin it stimulates collagen production. Radiofrequency treatment works on different epidermal layers as compared to Ultherapy. RF treatment can be used on the face, neck, hands and body. There is no downtime associated with it. It is suitable for all skin types. To make the best out of this treatment, you can pair it up with IPL Laser technology. This pairing will help to target various layers of the skin. Collagen production will create a more effective skin-tightening result. You can speak to the doctor about the same, and they will guide you through it.


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