The term “hair loss” is enough to send chills down one’s spine. Losing hair might seem like a no biggie, but when it starts to happen it feels like the whole world is crashing down. Our hair forms a huge part of our identity. Even though it is natural to lose about 100 strands a day. It is not really considered hair loss unless the hair stops growing back. There are many reasons why one might experience hair loss. When experiencing it, you must head to a hair loss specialist Toronto. They will help you to determine what kind of hair loss you are experiencing and what course of action to be taken.

Androgenic Alopecia is a common cause of hair loss. It is also known as male pattern baldness. This hair loss is genetic in nature. It is caused by an androgen hormone which weakens the hair growth cycle. This causes a decrease in hair follicles. Male pattern baldness begins with the hair follicles shrinking which produces fine hair. With time, the hair’s growth cycle comes to an end. The treatment option is suggested based on which part of the cycle you are in. Following are some of the popular treatment options.


It is a topical treatment which is applied on the scalp. This works to slow down the hair loss process. Minoxidil is an active ingredient. It enables the regeneration of hair follicles. Many patients who use minoxidil regularly see a drastic improvement in their hair growth. Though considerable changes can be seen when used regularly the results are highly subjective in nature.

Propecia or Finasteride

In this treatment, a prescription pill is prescribed that targets DHT hormone production. This hormone is responsible for hair loss. 90% of the people who have taken this prescription pill have seen dramatic results. As it targets the hormones, it could impact men’s libido. Propecia is not safe for consumption by pregnant women as it can cause male birth defects. To see significant results, it is important to use consume the pill consistently.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Men who begin to experience hair loss at a young age sometimes prefer to shave off their entire heads. This helps them to have a more uniform look. Scalp Micropigmentation helps to achieve this uniform look. It is a meticulous approach in which microdots are made using semi-permanent ink. The results of this procedure mimic the look of a closely shaved head. When you undergo scalp micropigmentation, it looks like you have chosen to shave your head.

Hair Transplantation

This is an option to consider when looking for permanent results. Follicular Unit Extraction is a hair transplantation procedure that has brought about a revolution. In this treatment, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and transplanted to the areas in the scalp where hair loss is evident. The back and side of the head are the donor area, as the hair that grows here is thicker and resistant to DHT. Though it takes about a year to see the final results from the procedure, it is worth the wait.


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