Man Wins $1.25 Million Playing Buffalo Diamond Slot Machine


A lucky man was playing the slot machine at Circa in downtown Las Vegas when he won an incredible $1,250,033.48 million while playing the Buffalo Diamond slot machine. The prize won by Marc, as he identified himself, is one of the largest jackpots ever won on this particular game which allows max betting of $4. We can only imagine what it must feel like to win such a large sum of money. So, If you are feeling lucky, visit to play online Buffalo slot machine games. Maybe you could be the next winner!

What do we know about the lucky winner?

The winner was identified as Marc Thayer, a Cheyenne home and business security company owner. According to the photograph from Circa, the win was scored as the player had more than $800 in the machine. However, there was no mention of the money he initially placed in the slot machine. What was supposed to be a quick, fun-filled weekend in Las Vegas for Marc and his friends ended up being quite profitable for him, taking home the Grand jackpot worth more than $1.25 million dollars after his fourth pull.


In the beginning, when the machine was displaying the graphics it showed to winners, Marc didn’t know how much the prize was. “I thought I won a decent prize”, he said. “But then I realised I just hit the jackpot”. “It was a ‘holy shit’ moment,” said Thayer.

How was his friend’s reaction?

Marc Thayer was playing next to his friend Bryan Grzegorczyk, a Cheyenne bar owner, when Thayer hit the jackpot.

Grzegorczyk said the winner´s reaction was incredible calm: “He looks at me and goes, ‘I just hit the jackpot,”. “And I’m like, ‘Yes, you did.’ It was pretty incredible,” Grzegorczyk said.

After winning the Grand Prize

After realising Marc had won more than $1 million dollars, Thayer was feeling dazed. After that, there was the wait. Thayer explained that because he won so much money, the gaming firm had to come to the casino and ensure that the machine hadn’t been tampered with and that everything was in order.

According to Grzegorczyk, it was about a four-hour wait, so Marc, Bryan, and their friends Mike and Kerry Casner, owners of The Garbage Guys in Cheyenne, waited beside a machine and drank cocktails given by the casino.

How is Marc going to spend the Big Prize?

Thayer said he was given a check for $63,000 after the victory was verified that evening, and that he is going to receive the rest of the money later. He never considered renting a luxurious suite or penthouse or extravagantly spending money. At 10 p.m., he went to bed in the same room that he and Grzegorczyk had shared. He recalled that the dinner after he won the jackpot was a blur.

Thayer doesn’t have any plans on what to do with the money. For him, life will continue as normal, he said. “Im smart with my money”, “I’m just going to continue with my business. I’ll show up early every day and keep plugging along.” Marc Thayer added.

What are the odds of hitting the Jackpot in a slot machine?

The chances of hitting the Grand Prize on that specific slot machine are one in 49,870,000. Buffalo Diamond is a popular game among visitors and locals in Las Vegas casinos. The game was created by Australian company Aristocrat Leisure and made its debut in March 2020 at the Global Gaming Expo.

Despite the long odds, it’s not uncommon for people to win multimillion-dollar jackpots while playing slots in Las Vegas. In September 2019, a man from Los Angeles won more than $22 million dollars after betting $100 on a Megabucks machine at Wynn Las Vegas. In 2015, a woman from Hawaii won nearly $11 million dollars playing progressive penny slots at The Venetian.


Buffalo Diamond Slot Machine: How to play

The game is a five-reel slot with 1024 ways to win. The machine accepts bets of up to $50 per spin. The top prize is awarded for hitting five buffalo symbols in the same row. The second-highest prize is awarded for hitting four buffalo symbols and one diamond symbol on the same row.


Marc Thayer’s story is a reminder that sometimes, against all odds, luck does prevail. So if you’re feeling lucky, don’t hesitate to try your hand at the Buffalo Diamond Slot Machine – you just might end up winning big!



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